Saturday, June 30, 2012


Won camp Nano! Even though my novel is awful and shitty and the worst thing I've ever written and I don't want to ever look at it again. I could add more, but I got to 50K so now I'm allowed to stop. It ended with "She blacked out". I could add more but I don't want to. That novel was awful, lacked any sort of consistency, and though the characters were wonderful, overall the whole thing didn't make a lot of sense and was super boring to write. Oh well. I'm done! And some parts were decent, I guess. Like my description of the hotel in Switzerland.
:D Hooray! Now I can sleep! (Thank god, it's quarter to 3. In the morning.)
yer pal,
swegan :)

Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm going to tell you another story.
>Just sitting in my room.
>Sister turns radio on in her room, to all-hits station.
>Listen for awhile; Sister is cleaning the bathroom.
>Suddenly, le justin bieber song comes on the radio.
>I jump up and shut my door, then put on my headphones and blast something else.
>Ten seconds later my sister opens my door.
>She looks angry.
>So I explain: "there was a justin bieber song on the radio."
>She smiles. Says "oh, okay, if that's all."

yer pal,
swegan :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three poems I think you ought to read:

They're all by Robert Frost- listed in order by most favourite.
1. October
2. A Line-Storm Song
3. After Apple-Picking

Robert Frost was on the reading list for next year. I got it for free on kindle last year. I don't know where he lived, but it sounds to me like he lived a hundred years ago in a beautiful, picturesque valley. All of his poems just give off that essence, of lazy, carefree days spent chasing butterflies and running in the rain and picking apples.
Mostly, I like October because that's when my birthday is and it's also my favourite month. October is all the autumn we get in Canada. It's snowing and gray by November.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Golden Oldies

You cannot call our music that when we are eighty, aside from people like Michael Buble and that sort of thing.
I wonder about this a lot- if I have kids and they have kids, what on Earth are my grandkids going to think of the music I grew up with? The movies that have been released lately have been pretty damn awesome, thank goodness for that (a lot of YA fiction turned movie; strange), but the music? Has been pretty bad, honestly. Or at least the popular stuff. I know that it's all subjective, but seriously, if you look back at, say, the forties and fifties and the music they had then, it's so much... classier than the stuff of today (Not that I like forties music.My mother PLAYS FORTIES ON FOUR ON SIRIUS XM TO NO END. Every. Song. Sounds. The. Same).
Constantly I wonder what future generations are going to think of us. Some great things, certainly- look at all the technological advancements in the last ten years alone. It's crazy. However, then we have to worry about the legacy Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj and T-Pain and Pit Bull and J-Lo and Nickelback are leaving. That's the pop culture I grew up with, kids- be glad you were born in an era of better music. (Hopefully things improve).
Okay, I don't really hate Nickelback, it's just that all of their songs sound the exact same.
Anyway. I don't think our decade of music will ever be called the Golden Oldies. I just think about this because I like knowing the kind of world my parents grew up in (the other day, I told my dad that high-waisted shorts were coming back into style and he grimaced and said "Oh, no, really?" Then again, today he called himself a "hip memester" so yeah).

Mainly what I'm looking forward to right now is when my kids get old enough to watch The Avengers and I say, I was a teenager when this came out, kids. When it first came out. And everyone loved it. And I mean EVERYONE. And then hopefully they're be like "This is so awesome!"

I talk about that movie too much. I really need to stop watching the animated series on Netflix. I have developed a strange crush on Ant-man (He's a cartoon scientist. We should all know by now I have a thing for cartoon scientists).

Anyway. Back to the novel. TWO MINUTES BEFORE THE WORD COUNT UPS ITSELF AGAIN (As in, it's 11:58 PM)
Yer pal,
swegan :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

There's always people like this.

So, Nerd and Tupperware. Last year, they were pretty good friends, and I enjoyed spending time with them. This year, they can be real irritating jerks, really stubborn, really patronizing (especially about things they don't understand; I will provide an example below), and it seems to me they go around thinking they are always right (though Nerd is a bit better. Actually if you're just talking to one of them they're fine, but together, they make me want to scream).

So, I'm doing Camp NaNo, and reading the "Stuff Non-Nano'ers say" thread. Which reminds me of several lovely conversations I had with Nerd and Tupperware in math class in November, about how frustrating my characters were being. They continued to insist that I was in control and if I didn't want my characters to do something I could just not make them do it. I kept trying to say, that's not how it works, if it worked that way it'd be like Sims: I'd get bored really fast and switch to another game (or story, in this case). My characters have to be able to do stuff on their own otherwise they're totally boring. But the entire time I'm making my case, they don't even sway. They just look at me and laugh this awful patronizing laugh with each other, which makes me feel like some small pathetic wrong person who is trying desperately to explain her side. I leave the argument feeling like they both need a swift kick in the nuts several times over, and slightly like I'm going to cry. They just act like they're so right all the time. They don't even stop to consider, "hey, maybe I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about because I've never written a novel and she's written four." Nope. Nothing.

Hopefully those two are better next year. This year I could barely stand them (also my relationship with Nerd was poisonous 98% of the time because he was distant, then near the end, he had the nerve to insist I was being distant. Ass.)

yer pal,

p.s. normally I'd say "sorry for the rant" but after reading "Beauty Queens" by Libba Bray I've decided that no, I'm not sorry. It's my blog, and I'm frustrated about this. Next time these two do this I'm going to just say all this. Or a condensed version.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Early birds and Night owls.

Which one are you?
I'm up late when it's up to me when I sleep. I like it when it's dark and quiet and everyone else is asleep so they can't ask you to feed the dog or go get your sister from her friends' house or make rice and so you can just write in peace. (or do whatever).
Sometimes I wish I was an early bird but I figure I can just stay up all night, enjoy the early morning, and then sleep through the annoying way the light enters my room anytime from 10AM-3PM. I seriously can't stand coming home on Fridays after school because the light in my room is just awful.

Of course tomorrow I have to get up to write my History final (nervous, ack!) but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm not fast at waking up either. I need at least fifteen minutes to half an hour just to wake up enough to trust my brain enough to do things. Otherwise I'd probably end up wearing things that don't match and washing my breakfast dishes in the bathroom sink. When my thoughts are coherent, I allow myself to get out of bed.

how about you?

yer pal,
swegan :)

Talkin' bout my generation...

Well, not really, since the internet has failed to tell me whether I am Generation Y or Z. I guess I'm kind of on the edge, top of Gen Y, bottom of Gen Z.
But, let's just talk about kids my age. My grade at school, the pretty damn awesome class of 2013: Every single year (except for maybe once), we've won the spirit cheer. We've had one of the fullest bleachers, we broke the combo of having all the bleachers full except the 11th grade one. This year when we got called up to get pins for participating, they called up more of us than of any other grade, more than half the bleacher. I have hope for my class. I think that, in light of all these news stories about young people protesting, we will join those young people, but in a more... mature way, if that makes sense. We've grown up with the internet and technology and, like the internet states (and this is very true) we are pretty immune to advertising. I'm sure my generation is also quite fat in other parts of the world, but here, I just know so many people in grade 11 who are awesome, who volunteer and join countless clubs, and help out in innumerable ways. Our play productions are pretty much just 11th graders (Most of whom I know a little bit), and they are amazing at what they do.
I don't know, but I don't see a lot of kids in the class of 2013 who sit around and do nothing, at least not at my school. There is hope for this group, so much hope, and it makes me proud to be part of this class.
yer pal,
swegan :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Why do I google these things?

The internet can be a very disgusting, horrible place, full of sexism and douchebags.
How about we start a site that says what it's okay for guys to wear and not wear?
This is why I'm a feminist.
Not to be a bitch, not to be annoying, not to be whiny. I'm a feminist because bullshit like this exists.

yer pal,

And another thing.

So... yeah. Last day of school, only have one social exam, which is because we're not allowed to exempt in since my teacher wants us all to write it for practice next year (especially for we IBs, for world exams). It's three essays in two and a half hours, next year, three essays in one and a half hours.

And another thing: I wish someone had told me that last summer was my last true lazy summer. I mean, yes, I'm going to be lazy this summer, but I have to plan out my IA and EE for next year (I'm thinking Mussolini for my IA but nothing's ironed out yet, and my EE is on whether or not either side in WWI considered the implications of chemical warfare before introducing it, and whether or not the introduction of chemical warfare had any impact on the outcome of the war (I'll probably have to pick one or the other but that's a good starting point)), and then my dad talked to someone he knows who works at the university about me volunteering in a biology lab. So I sent her an email about that, and though I'll be volunteering, my parents said they'd pay me, which is fine by me, though if they decide not to that's fine too.
And then there's my volunteering at the nursing home, and the summer games coming up that I want to volunteer for, and my grandparents' 50th anniversary (Congrats to them! That's awesome and amazing!) and my stupid Theory exam in August.
Because I have a theory exam in August, I have to keep taking theory lessons until August 11. Gross. That means doing theory homework until then. Ugh.
Of course, I'm also going away a lot less and I can drive now, so I can hang out with my friends and do more than just go to the mall/movies/someone's house (although where I live there isn't much to do. During spare (we didn't have many TOK classes) we'd all talk about how we wanted to go see the Avengers again, as one big nerdy group.
But, finally done with having homework. So I guess that's good. I'll still have work to do this summer but a lot less. I guess I have to take what I've got.

Next year in October they go over stuff and evaluate whether or not people should remain in full IB, though. Personally, I don't think I'll have any trouble with that, because I never have before. Not going to deny I almost want it to happen, though.
My goal is to graduate partial IB AT LEAST. Also there's five zillion kids in dash one classes so... not that appealing. (The classes, in decreasing level of difficulty and increasing level of size, are: 30IB, 30-1, 30-2. Of course the 30s can be 20s or 10s or whatever).

My sister's going to be at my school next year, hee hee. I'm going to embarrass her so much.
Also, just had an argument with her over why she should read the Hunger Games. I guess what Harry Potter is to me, the Hunger Games is to her: Something you try to read but then end up not liking because you find it boring and it's not really your favourite genre anyway, so you go read something cheesier because it's more your style, but then everyone else has read the other book and they judge you for not reading it and for reading the book you liked. What the Clique series is to her, Twilight is to me. I guess some things never change.

Don't want to do theory. Don't want to study. Can't think of anything to write... Crap. I'm like 10000 words behind.

yer pal,
swegan :)


Not just that I've finished another year of school (which is pretty awesome), BUT GUESS WHO'S IN THE BOURNE LEGACY MOVIE THAT COMES OUT THIS SUMMER?
That's right- the Hawkeye-Analyst-Jeremy-Renner.
Life is good, my friends.
Life is good.
yer pal,
swegan :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How my day was made one time.

>Watched "Mission Impossible 4" with my family
>Think the analyst guy is cute
>After watching, remember friends talking about Avengers in school
>Remember I wanted to watch the trailer to see what the hype was.
>Watch the trailer.
>Same cute analyst guy= Hawkeye.

Before going to see the avengers, 80% was because it actually looked like a good movie to go see and 20% was because of that.
Sadly, no one on the internet seems to like Hawkeye except for me.

The good thing about this is that I don't get involved in stupid Avengers arguments because all of my friends like Thor and so they fight over him.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


There's a tornado near me right now, so I'm staying tuned to local media or whatever. Unfortunately, this radio station is playing Adele right now.
Words cannot describe how much I dislike Adele. They did her song on Glee, and then all of a sudden it's all over the place. I'm sick of hearing her sing, although I'd probably pick her over Katy Perry's "Part of Me". I swear, that song comes on and I have to change the channel to avoid it like five times a day.
NVM. I'm muting this shit.
Hopefully that tornado goes away... headed towards a different city, but said city is like 45 minutes away from here.
yer pal,
swegan :S

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Everyone always, always ALWAYS says, do what you want.
You know what the problem is with that? That I can't do what I want until I do a whole bunch of crap I really don't want to do.
Like my Extended Essay (EE) for example. I don't know what to do. I have no fucking idea. And all I want to do is sit and write my novel. My novel, that will never be published, because going through that process just sounds like a lot of stress. I avoid stress.
No, that's a lie. I try to avoid stress. I'm not very good at that.
I'm going to have worry lines and ulcers by the time I'm done university. Not even. By the time I'm done high school. 2-3 world exams per subject, EE, CAS, IAs...
If this is preparing me for the real world, I really don't want to live in the real world. The real world sucks.

Is anyone else constantly afraid they'll never amount to anything because nothing ever gives them motivation enough to get through and become something?
That is my greatest fear.

yer pal,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Writing Music

I'm writing a fantasy novel. So I have no idea why these songs are the songs I want to write to.
1. Nicki Minaj- Starships (I really like this song. It's so damn catchy. Also, we all know me and star trek, so...)
2. B.o.B. - So Good (I don't know about this one either. It's not as derogatory as songs of this type usually are).
3. Andrew Allen- I want you (this song's so cute and hipster-y (as far as my definition of hipster goes).)

My main character is a princess. I have no idea how these songs relate at all. But I like listening to them. So here goes...

yer pal,
swegan :)