Thursday, March 29, 2012


When the primary source document in the back of the little book you're reading for your IA that's referenced to the one tiny primary source in the little book actually appears in the local University Library when you search it and it also appears as "in library" so you can go look through it sometime and the call number is there and everything.
Oh, I am so happy I found "Documents in the political history of the European continent 1815-1939" in the library! Hooray, hooray! Today is a good day, a really really really really good day!

yer ecstatic, happy pal,
swegan :D


That awesome moment when you're reading a thing for your IA, and a good quote comes up, and it's got an endnote number attached to it, and when you look at that number in the bibliography, it's a book you already have signed out for your IA.

AWWWWW YEAH GUYS. I am so happy right now that that just happened :D !!! In a big nerdy way.

yer pal,
swegan :)

p.s. IA is internal assessment, which is basically a paper on a topic we pick ourselves from a general topic (e.g. mine is "Revolutions in Italy and the significance of Rome" and then I make a thesis regarding that somehow) for History 20IB (or social 20IB). It's like my math IB projects for math 20IB and math 30IB, but it's an essay.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just my luck. Again.

When I actually plan on making plans to volunteer during lunch hours, I get sick, so I can't. Because old people's immune systems are, well, old, and I guess it's not a good idea to risk those systems with a cold. So whoop-di-do, it looks like I will get zero volunteering done, again...

Either the universe is trying to give me a sign or I have really terrible luck lately.

Don't be rude

If you're sick enough that you actually do have a yellowish-green colour, please stay home and don't get everyone else sick. Nerd came to school looking like death yesterday, and now I'm sick. I'm standing by my theory that it's his fault, that if he had just stayed home and talked to our physics and social teachers about the project and essay, then I wouldn't be feeling like crap.

Either that or I got it from him last week, or from Freckles. But still- don't risk other people's nice healthy lives, where their throats do not ache and their heads are not plugged full of crap. Just stay home, get some sleep, and avoid other people like the plague.

Ha. That's ironic. But seriously. It's rude to show up when you're that sick. Also, if you're that sick you're tired and feel crappy and are less likely to get stuff done, so just avoid it all and spend some time getting better, please. We all get sick. Anybody who doesn't understand and accept that and accept that sometimes that might mean not getting stuff done or delaying things (bosses/teachers/employees/students alike) is clearly an alien, or just plain stupid.

We all get sick sometimes. When you do, don't try and spread it.

yer pal,
swegan :S

Monday, March 26, 2012


So tired.
Stess reliever? I'd like to think so. Silly bouncing bears...
Tengo sueno. Con accento en el n.

Hope link works. Going sleep now bye.
yer pal,
swegan :P

In reality, though...

I could never date someone who thought The Phantom Menace was actually good. That movie sucked SO BAD. I didn't mind the second one because OH MY GOD LOL also I am a big sap. But yeah.
Just trying to keep things lighthearted. Also, good news: done planning for essay. One or two vids, then off to bed. Don't have to BS a social essay, hooray!


My relationship ended. My heart is broken but I'm oscillating between that and totally fine and dandy, ugh.
We got a new puppy, her name is Sadie because they named the entire litter off of Beatles songs and our family couldn't pick a name unanimously anyway, plus Sadie suited her. She's got huge paws and she'll be tall enough to be up to my chest someday. She's an Irish Wolfhound. If you just google imaged that, yes they are really that big, and yes it's kind of scary, especially today at the breeders when there were three sniffing me all at once and OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE HUGE DOGS, LIKE SMALL HORSES. Plus the male one was really pushy and friendly, but you kept worrying he might knock you over. He was so frickin' big. The mother was smaller and when I petted her while the breeders and my parents talked about stuff she rested her head on my legs and warmed right up to me, and she was so cute. They're lazy dogs, too; once they'd gotten used to us they just lay on the floor, totally docile. Sadie was awesome the whole ride home, totally quiet, didn't mooch when we ate dinner like Mandy would have. Mandy was like a crazed happiness tornado dog, whereas Sadie is a very adaptable, quiet, sleepy, gangly, lanky ball of fur. Only she's too lanky to be a ball of fur. More like a stick. She has the cutest puppy face I've ever seen.
Yes I miss Mandy, but Sadie isn't Mandy, Sadie won't ever be Mandy, because Mandy was an irreplaceable, wonderful pet and I still envy the way she held a grudge against nobody, was almost never angry, and loved everyone always. She was loyal, too.
So was I, in my relationship. I did nothing wrong. He was the one who lost interest and who didn't want to upset me by trying to talk to me about how the relationship was falling apart. Indirectly, I ended my own relationship by bringing that up, but in the end, I was willing to keep trying but he wasn't. And yes that did break my heart, and I say shut up to those who think that teenagers are just being overdramatic, you were a teenager once. My heart is broken, no questions asked. And yeah, I'm going to let him know that at some point, because yes, I'd like him to feel a little bit guilty, since I'm sure he's going to be the picture of ease tomorrow.

social essay to plan. haven't practiced piano. social internal assessment going poorly, but can't get help right away because have to volunteer at lunch because volunteer coordinator is only working 4 hour days because of injury and couldn't even leave a message or email to let me know. Thanks.

ugh. bla. I want a break.

yer pal,

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I probably should feel stressed and distracted. I probably should feel like gah, this nerd has finally made up his mind, and as of tomorrow, we may or may not be a couple anymore. I should be a mess.
Strangely enough, I'm just not. I mean, I'm thinking about it, and I've been saying I won't sleep, but I guess the reality is I can't change his mind, whatever decision he's made. I'll find out tomorrow. As of now, I'm just assuming the worst JUST in case. I mean sure, I'll probably be upset and cry, but I'll get better faster because I am going to be in the mountains this weekend con mi familia, and that will be muy fantastico. Also my headphones play music nice and loud if I make them. Loud music is very helpful.
I listened to a depressing song today and smiled the whole time, dancing like a nutjob. I guess I'm not that poorly adjusted to life after all.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I hate that I was born in this era sometimes. Sure, the technology's great and so are the rights I have, but GOOD GRIEF everything is SO DEPRESSING. I just watched a video about world water day, saying in 2025 about 2/3 of the world's population will live in a water crisis or something. FUN. FUN FUN FUN. Not only am I unlikely to fulfill my new ultimate, life-completing dream of going into space, I'm probably gonna die young of starvation and dehydration.

Perhaps I shouldn't have children. It would really suck to be them, more than it would suck to be me. If the world figures its shit out by the time I'm old enough then I will... I'm guessing this isn't a question previous generations have even had to face.

Although it is a video that is designed to be... well, scary. Get people to do something. But the fact of the matter is we all have jobs and school and lives, and it's really hard to put all that on hold for long enough to make that kind of a difference. Earth hour is a nice example of a non-scare tactic that's easy to participate in. I like Earth hour.
I hate videos that claim that by the time I'm 27 and supposed to be living life up and on the brink of settling down that I'll be living in a world so different from today that nothing I plan for now will even matter.

I do want children, but not in a world like that.

yer pal,
swegan :S
p.s. I'm in this relationship of mine for the long haul IF said nerd can be committed and serious about it this time. If not, then that's that and I'll deal with it. That's what I'm assuming will happen.
We'll see.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


is when you're probably going to break up with a person after an extremely depressing talk that faces the facts that things aren't going well, and then later that day you can think of nothing but that person and how much you like them and listen to maroon 5 so loud it gives you a headache.

Seriously, I feel like maroon 5 just gets me right now. It's loud. It's crazy. It's passionate. It's fast. And it's true. Well most of it.

yer pal,
swegan :\

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's be clear.

Tonight dad and freckles and I went out to dinner at celery's family's house. It wasn't exciting. It wasn't awful. It just was. A bunch of little kids and a couple other families there as well, all use kids sat in the basement, attempted to play monopoly before dinner (lasted all of 5 minutes), and then watched a movie. Of course dad came down to get us so we left early, which was nice, because otherwise we'd probably just be getting back, and I'd be tired and sweaty.
So the only other two kids there my age were celery and a girl I'll call R, because I won't talk about her often, as she goes to the really big high school (celery goes to the catholic one). They both talked about AP and bio 30 and I had nothing to add. Apparently they get a lot of homework too. Two textbooks for bio. YUCK. At least we only have one. There's another we borrow in class sometimes, but only because there aren't enough copies for everyone.
I like R, she's nice enough, and she can be funny and she's nice to talk to. I don't see her much aside from piano things now. And celery I like to hang out with also, he's funny, and when we were kids we hung out a lot. Well, our families did, and so we did because we were all kids.
To picture celery, because I DID sort of have a little crush on him last summer: Robert Pattinson (don't know if i spelled that right, don't care), but black, my age, and polite and nice and funny. Except for not entirely, but that's the closest thing I can think of. Freckles disagrees. But what does she know?
And the whole entire time I was there, I was a) jealous of these two, talking and sharing test papers and whatnot because they're AP, and b) wishing nerd was there, because I do that way too much. Also I felt kind of lonely when they talked about school. Although it was nice to talk to R about the fact that pretty much every kid there had an iPod touch (little kids, I mean. Like, 9 year olds and 8 year olds) and there were 2 iPads circulating between all of them. So much noise! They're all so tech-savvy nowadays. When I was their age, I wanted tamagotchis and aquapets (which sucked) (the latter, not the former. the former were AWESOME) and I think I watched a lot of TV and might have still played with polly pockets on occasion. Also, I think I read quite a bit and was a much more avid writer than I am now (only because I was 9 and didn't have any homework to do). I wanted an iPod nano (the 4G kind, which I eventually did get... and then proceeded to lose) really badly. I miss that iPod still- I don't have 20000 songs that I like to fill up the new one. Not that I don't like it- I do. And it's not some little widget filled with games and crap- it's just an iPod. Music, pictures, podcasts and video if I wanted. I'd much rather have an iPod classic than a stupid iPod touch, which prevents Alice (girl who sits next to me in Math, not her real name but what she goes by on the internet because of reasons), nerd, and tupperware from doing their math and from talking to me or interacting with people at lunch.

I kid you not. Most days now, tupperware just sits there and watches whatever nerdy videos those two like to watch after he finishes eating. I'm like, you want to interact with us here? We're your friends.

Although I had an interesting experience this weekend that proved not everything is as it seems in the friendship world. I went to a friend's house (this is not the Thursday adventure... I have a life now!) and there was some gossip that came up. One, about a girl I've known and enjoyed being friends with for a long time. But apparently, they think differently. It's so sad to hear them talk about how she always has to be noticed or has a this or that complex, because I don't see that as true. And then they brought up another friend of ours and said she could be really mean. I don't picture her that way at all, she's never been anything but a peach to me. And then they proceeded to say stuff about her relationship. That was about the end of it, but oh my goodness, it worried me. As in, what are they saying about me? And what about my relationship? As far as I'm concerned, nobody should be talking about anybody else's relationship if you're trying to stir up trouble. That's none of your business.
All they probably say is that I'm so sheltered and innocent and that I can ruin all the fun. That's the worst I could see them saying. Just because I am sheltered. That same day, we were trying to watch a movie, and everyone was talking about ones they'd seen and hadn't seen and everyone wanted to watch a horror movie. I didn't. I don't like horror movies because Jurassic Park scared the shit out of me and apparently that makes me a cute wimp. Even tonight, at the dinner, all the little kids were talking about movies they'd seen that I hadn't even seen. Because my parents won't let us.

Someday, I worry that someone's going to use my naivete to their advantage and take advantage of me, and in university nobody will want to hang out with me very often because I won't drink and do dumb stuff, or that I'll be a virgin for an unnecessarily long time, because I don't know, it seems to me that people aren't really into people who don't watch scary movies or even relatively action-y ones, or ones with sex in them or ones that are supposed "classics". I've watched terminator. Leave me alone.
Same goes for music. I'm sorry, but I like pop music. I don't appreciate most of the videos, but the songs are catchy, and they make me dance, and they're ridiculously easy to sing along to. I don't care much for some of it, like rap or justin bieber (ew), but you know what? Sometimes I want to listen to Nicki Minaj scream and rap and sometimes I want to listen to Pitbull's creepy voice.

I might not like very much rock music or like the beatles, and I might have never watched Pulp Fiction or Zombieland or Predator.
I guess some people will like me. Those people will probably be nerdy. But that's alright. Nerds are my kind of people.

I like classical music and INXS and Maroon 5 and listening to the hits station on the radio, and my favourite movies are the new Star Trek, Megamind, and things like Terminator 2 and Pride and Prejudice, all at the same time. I like to read books, from real-life stuff, to more science-fiction-y things, to fantasy. (Recently I read The Fault in Our Stars and I loved it. The story moved fast and yet still took time, something I aim for in everything I write. The characters were funny, and though I wanted to read it, it wasn't something I obsessively had to read.) I love time dilation and things of the like, and my ultimate life dream is still to see the Earth from space. In this day and age, I'm sure I'll find a way.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Also strange.

Movies like Apollo 13 and 2001: A Space Odyssey make me want to be an astronaut. Shouldn't they make me NOT want to be an astronaut? Especially Apollo 13?

Tudo came up with a name for my car: Apollo. And just so we're clear, my car looks like this. I agreed to this name because I like space. A lot. As in, my dream of being published doesn't make me nearly as happy as my dream of seeing the earth from space.

They say a dream is something that fills the gaps. Makes life worth living. Is something to look forward to. Well, I look forward to going into space someday.
Although rather unfortunately I seem to have been born in an era where everyone else thinks there's just too many problems on earth to bother with space. But the dream lives on.

When I take a picture of the earth with my camera from space, I'll post it on here. Just so you know.

Strange... going on a walk with someone and actually getting to have a conversation with them that's more than five minutes long after about a week and a half of talking to them less and and less makes you want to jump them all over again.

I'm not lying. Well, okay, maybe a little. I don't know what it's like to want to jump someone. But still.

The soup my friends and I made was the most delicious and excellent soup I've ever had in my life. Then, we went for a long walk (tudo, fex, tudo's boyfriend and her dog, and i) over to nerd's house, persuaded him to come for a walk with us (despite the fact that tudo had texted him earlier asking if he was at home and he'd said "please don't come to my house" and when we showed up he was all "so even though i asked you not to come, you came anyways?"), and walked around his block. I got to hold his hand and talk to him the whole time, and fex was jumping around all the while, trying to take epic 5-second slow motion pictures with her camera, because it then played them back with dramatic music. I don't think she cared that she was a fifth wheel at all.
Then, we dropped nerd off at his house, walked back to tudo's, and watched pride and prejudice and also proceeded to assign all of our friends to one of the characters. I got to be Elizabeth because nerd was TOTALLY mr. darcy (well, not entirely, because he'd never say anything that cheesily adorable), and tudo was jane because her boyfriend was pretty much the modern day equivalent of mr. bingley. This one is actually not an exaggeration: right down to the hair colour, the temperament, the personality, it was pretty much accurate. We decided fex could be a little bit of mary (which i disagreed with; fex is way awesomer and more vibrant than mary) and mr. bennet, because he's just so awesome.
Then, fex had to leave, so we skipped to the last two end scenes, the one in the field, and then the scene at the VERY end that tudo's boyfriend had been tired of waiting for. then we watched the very end scene in slow motion once fex left, and then i had to go.

So, all in all, a very good day. relationship-strengthening. Also, i learned how to make really good soup and will have to make it for my family one day so that they think i'm a culinary genius. or something. it's got bacon, cheese, green onions, ham, AND broccoli, all in a basic powdered-potato-and-cheddar soup mix. of course, the first three ingredients were just toppers, but STILL. soup that has BACON in it. you know you want to try some.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


La computadora no tiene accentos para mis palabras. Para tu información.

No tengo mucho tarea ese semana, y no tengo que voy a ir a la escuela el jueves O el viernes! Qué estupendo! Me gusta este semana, y este fin de semana. Yo voy a dormir mucho todos los dias de la fin de la semana.

Mi clase de español vas bien. O bueno? No sé. Me gusta mucho la clase de español. Hoy en la clase de español, nosotros vimos un pelicula, Hercules. Muy divertido. Me gusta.

Mi prueba de matematicas el almuerzo fue bien. Pero, yo siempre tengo la tarea de matematicas. Matematicas no es divertido.

Mañana, mi y mi amigo fex vamos a ir a la casa de nuestra amiga, tudo. A su casa, nosotras vamos a cocinar sopa con tocino, cebollas verdes, mucho queso, y papas (o patatas, tan tu prefieres). La sopa va a ser muy bien. Estoy muy excitado para mañana!

And I have one part I can't write in Spanish, because I don't have the words. En la clase de Historia, we had a practice lockdown. Our teacher looked out the door and saw other doors closed with the lights off, so he figured that we were supposed to be in lockdown- about ten minutes after the start of class. Then, after about 20 or so minutes, an announcement comes on that says "okay students, we are now in lockdown mode, so please proceed to do that" or something like that, and our entire class LOL'd. such a great fail. But it was nice to take a 30-minute nap, and then have 30 minutes to work. ahhh. Qué imponente!

As you can tell, me gusta mucho mi clase de español. Y hablo mas español ahora tambien. :P

sus amiga,
swegan :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


My phone was texting people from inside my piano bag. It sent a few blank ones to fex, and then to nerd, it forwarded 4 blank ones, 3 ones I'd sent him previously, and one I sent to my sister a few weeks ago when I came to her school to pick her up that said "Come on out. Your ride is here."

As you can probably guess, he was a little weirded out by the last one and sent back "What?" while Fex just sent me a question mark. I explained it to her and it was funny. Yeah.

I just can't stop laughing about that "Come on out. Your ride is here." Without context, that sounds just a little creepy... LOL

yer pal,
swegan :)


Search up "Club can't even handle me" on youtube. get that playing. Don't ask why. Just do it.
Open another tab.'t-even-handle-me-right-now?before=1304792242.
It's just funnier when these two are together.
hope the link works! XD


Ever know that feeling when you're reading your horrorscope and it's actually kind of horrific because it relates to your own life?

In my defense, I was only looking at internet horrorscopes because I wanted to look at the compatibility of two of my characters to prove they are awesome together, because I'm a big dork that way. Then, I decided to click on my "love horrorscope" for 2012.

WHAT THE HELL? How does this relate to my life so well? In the first half of 2012, love will go bad.. okay, that's kind of wrong, but then later it says in the best case scenario I could have a secret or forbidden love. Celery kind of comes to mind. This is not good at all. It also said "February will be good". February's already passed and hot DAMN, it was good. Creepy. THEN ON TOP OF IT ALL, it adds that things will "heat up" (that phrase makes me giggle) in July and August. the research thing I'm signing up for could mean that I'm here more to spend more time with friends, including my nerd (who is obviously just a bit more than my friend, in case you hadn't guessed yet). But again. Celery comes to mind.

I'm most likely freaking out over nothing, but still... it always creeps me out just a little when my horrorscope seems to know exactly what the heck is happening in my life actually. And it's all been happening more often now... this is creepy.
I don't actually believe horrorscopes, but it's eerie when they have the possibility of coming true because their predictions line up with circumstances or events in my life at a set date. Or, when I read them later, and I think back to when they were predicting and it's true.
And as for the Celery thing, I'm sure nothing will happen. I'm freaking out over nothing. It'll be July by then. A lot of things could happen by July.

Also, I had a dream the other night in which I'm pretty sure I compared myself to a bear. Then, I woke up and thought about it, and although it's definitely not true physically, there's some definite parallels there. For instance, people think I'm mad at them a lot because they make a joke and I play along, then they think I take it seriously and are like "no, I was joking!" and i'm like "I know!" much like how people are always like "AAAH BEAR" when in reality the bear was just out there eating and not hunting people at all. Not like a panther, for example. or a mountain lion. I'm also assuming, however, that when I get pissed, I get scary. I'm pretty sure I scared nerd and tupperware the other day in a small fit of irrational rage I had. The way I remember it was that they spoke very calmly when talking to me. Bears are nocturnal- I'd rather be up until two than up at six AM. Also sometimes I go for the junk food when it's been left out and no one's looking.
By this logic, though, you could probably say a lot of people are like bears. Meh. Whatever. I enjoyed comparing myself to a bear. If you knew what I looked like, you not-so-random people of the internet, you'd know I don't resemble a bear very much.
OOH, the internet also told me bears are social animals. I don't know how trustworthy that is, but meh. This is why I can't be a moose- because moose are just loners. But they're still my favourite animal.
Bears and moose and mountain lions, you can tell I'm not from Australia. :P

yer slightly-creeped-out-bear pal,
swegan :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Don't pray for me when I say I don't believe in god. That's disrespectful to me. I don't want you to pray that I'll find the light, or pray that I'll be safe because I don't pray. I don't need your help, I'm just fine on my own. I appreciate the gesture, but please, don't. I'm not religious, and you have to accept that.

If you're praying for me to get into heaven, don't. Please, just don't.

Although I really appreciated it when one of my friends, who is religious, prayed for my dog, that she'd make it through her operation. I appreciate that, because it's support that my dog will be okay.

Pray for me if I have cancer, pray for me if I'm hit by a bus, whatever. But when I'm fine and dandy, please don't pray for me. I don't need it and if you're praying I'll become religious or be accepted into heaven, that insults me.

And no, I will never ever treat god as a proper noun. In my eyes, someone who justifies their making bad things happen by saying they also make good things happen or that said bad things happen "for a reason" is a jerk and should be treated as such.

This whole Joseph Kony thing

I found out about it through social class; my social teacher suggested we check it out. Everyone else in the class (that being, everyone who had facebook in the class) was talking about how it was all over facebook last night.

Personally, it just blows my mind how fast information can travel with the aid of the internet. We're learning about the French Revolution in Social right now, and before that we learned about the enlightenment. The only reason the ideas of the enlightenment couldn't reach the masses was because those ideas just weren't accessible. Books were expensive and rare, and most people were illiterate. Sure, there's always word of mouth, but the common people were too busy working to pay their taxes to go to salons and discuss things. So it took YEARS for these ideas to spread.

Now, it takes days. 3 days and the whole documentary thing about Joseph Kony has 38 million views. It's on the internet, so almost anyone in the world can view it. And it's a good cause, so it's managed to garner leagues of support. Because of this, it's gotten extremely powerful. People are so crazy powerful when they're united together and there's enough of them.

I appreciated the video, it was well done. However, I disagreed with one thing he said- that now is a crucial time in history, and what we do now shapes the future to come. Uh, when has it not? People have done things at all points in history and it's affected the future. What makes now so different? Unless he is referring to this specific event, in which case, okay, yeah. But if he means this year is more open for change in general, that's a lie. This "Make Joseph Kony famous" thing could just as easily have happened in 2011, or 2010. It's not that this is so life changing because it's now, which is the impression the statement gives, it's what we're changing.

I say we because I've jumped on the bandwagon. I have a blog, and even if it's not always big on traffic, it's still something.

On a completely unrelated note, today is international women's day! I did not know that, but google did! I really like that google made a doodle for that. I mean, it's a day celebrating the accomplishments of women, and there is so much to celebrate. I'm pretty sure there's more female graduates in medicine than men (I could be mistaken). There's way more women in science and government now (Though I can't wait to see the day Canada has a female prime minister who lasts longer than one or two years, and the day when the US finally has a female president), and in general the importance of women has been much more heavily promoted in the past century.

In social, again, we've focused on the fact that the Declaration of the Rights of Man and anything along those lines only benefitted men and women were still seen as property. I don't understand how you can't see a woman as not a person, even if it's the 18th century and everyone else is doing it. How could women not look like people? We're built almost exactly the same. In general, one head, two arms, one torso, two legs. Ten toes, ten fingers, two ears, two eyes, one nose, one mouth. A brain. The ability to speak and interact with people. The ability to have ideas of merit. Men have all those things too.
I suppose it was just because men are in general larger physically, and women are the ones who bear children. But today, the way I see it where I live, that's not important.

So today, my friends, is a big day.

And the reason there isn't any international men's day? Because soooo many things in the past have been given to men and only men. Men have never had to fight for equal rights (in terms of gender). They don't have to menstruate or give birth to children, or carry said children before giving birth to them. In my opinion, men have it incredibly easy.

And all the rage comics on memebase depicting "woman logic" as what i think is the town idiot, that's just mean. Just because some women aren't smart doesn't mean that all women aren't.

Proof? More than half the kids taking full IB at my school are girls. My IB classes always have more girls in them. Never, not once, has there been more boys, and I'm fairly certain that was also true of honours in 9th grade.

Actually, since the one guy I will not name from our school moved to Ontario (I miss him, even though I didn't know him that well- he was funny), I think there's only four full IB boys in my grade- nerd, and the three stooges (including shakeeb). As for full IB girls, there's me, and six others. I like to point that out a lot. For me, it just reinforces the fact that girls are smarter in general. I mean, having to deal with everything that happens to a girl during puberty requires a bit more maturity than it does to be a boy and not have any sort of cycle to manage and keep track of. That will follow me and every single girl I know their entire lives. But all the men? They'll never know what it is to be as tough as a girl.

AND to further contradict the statement that women are better at english and social and men are better at math and science, I have had nothing but male english and social teachers and female science and math teachers my entire high school life, aside from my english teacher in ninth grade and my science teacher for half the semester in 10th. The best math teacher I've ever had is the one I have now, and had for math 30I and 10I. In middle school, I had a wonderful science and math teacher, and she was a girl. One time, we had a substitute in that class (a girl again) and some stupid guy from the office came down and said something along the lines of "I thought girls weren't good at math and science". Our substitute just turned to him and scoffed, and said "I'm a math major!" and he just backed right off.

I hate it when people say that.

Anyway, it appears I've gotten wildly off topic, so I think it's time to stop.

And for the record, I am a supporter of the Make Kony Famous 2012 movement, or whatever you'd like to call it.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Okay, on a happy note...

Yesterday was my first real anniversary ever. One year I've been dating my nerd. :) He said happy anniversary to me and it pretty much made my day.
I know most people say it's annoying when other people post about their relationship. But I kind of wanted to brag, and also, this is proof that good relationships can totally exist in high school.

I don't know what I expect after high school, but that's later and this is now. Maybe I will get into Oxford and go there, and he'll go wherever he goes to school, and we'll just be friends. Maybe we'll meet up again in the distant future, both with families and kids and jobs and talk about stuff. Maybe we'll meet again and get married. How am I supposed to know?

That's the beauty of the future- it's an adventure!

(And this song makes me want to make the most of it. It's my new favourite song :P )

I don't like this post.

I highly disagree and I would like to post a respectful comment respectfully disagreeing. However, I did that on ANOTHER of her posts that I found on the internet, and so I feel like that's enough. I was very nice and respectful about it, too. It's awaiting moderation and likely won't get published because this woman doesn't know me at all, so... yeah.

Stumbleupon showed me an article in this blog adjacent to this about extremely spiffy winter tires, although at the end of the post the author implied that it was great to be a girl because she didn't have to change tires.

Feminism will not take any more leaps forward if people keep talking like that and people in advertising keep making commercials where ONLY THE WOMEN COOK AND CLEAN. Come on, advertising, really? Why can't a man make hamburger helper or use the swiffer sweeper to clean dust from the fan? My dad helps out at home all the time.

I am a girl, and because of that I am a person, and because of that I expect to be treated exactly like everyone else in respects of finance, intelligence, and housework. I am intelligent, I am independent, I am capable, just like so many other girls.

Oh, good grief. I clicked on another of her posts because it sounded interesting, and it was a bunch of pictures of men doing stupid things with the title "Men lacking supervision:". Not ONLY does this imply that all men are stupid and must be supervised like small children, it also implies it is a woman's responsibility to supervise men. !!! Excuse me, that is not the case, and again, you are perpetuating an extremely sexist stereotype.

I've decided I don't like this woman's blog. I don't think I'll visit it again; clearly we have some big disagreements on things.

yer pal,
swegan :\

Monday, March 5, 2012


Today, I saw a picture in a girl's locker. It had her and a friend, and the words "Sister's forever!" at the top.

Funny, I didn't know her sister had a forever. Or that you could even have a forever. Although technically coupled with the picture a totally logical interpretation could be that she and her friend are a forever, which belongs to her sister. Using an apostrophe wrong messes everything up, so...

1. If something is plural (meaning there is more than one, like in the example above, the girls are referring to themselves as two sisters) then you DO NOT NEED AN APOSTROPHE.
2. If you are referring to something that belongs to something else (such as the sister's forever she proudly owns in the example above), use an apostrophe. Let's look at it this way: If you want to own something, like, say, a car, you need to have insurance and documents of ownership and shit. So, if something or someone owns something, to show it in a sentence, you use the apostrophe, just like to show it to the government, you have documents and shit.
E.g. Correct: That's Lisa's car.
Incorrect: That's Lisas car.
Very Incorrect: Thats Lisas car.
EXCEPTIONS: This rule does not apply to the pronouns it, her, or his. However, I've never seem somebody use an apostrophe in the word hers, like so: Her's. Probably because it's like his, and if you use an apostrophe in that then it looks really silly.
3. If you are contracting two words, like can not, or should not, or do not, or that is, use an apostrophe. Don't. Can't. Shouldn't. That's. Unless you are texting and time is of the essence and must not be wasted/ you have a limited number of characters and don't want to waste them on apostrophes. (Sadly I think some people just apply the rules of texting to everything).
It is the funny one. It's the one that's always backwards. It's is a contraction of it is. That's why it has an apostrophe. Therefore, the weirdest (and okay, this one's actually kind of hard) exception yet is what they had to do so that people would not confuse when "it" owns something and when you are saying "it is" in a shorter format. Its refers to something belonging to it, like Its shiny red nose.

Those are the rules. Contrary to the rest of the English language, the rules regarding apostrophes are not riddled with silly exceptions.
If you dislike apostrophes, I suggest learning Spanish. Then, instead of saying "Paco's book", you can say "the book of Paco" (El libro de Paco). Unfortunately pretty much every other language derived from Roman or Latin or wherever it is English and all these other romance languages come from has accents, little squiggles, even weirder apostrophes (e.g. "C'est" in French), and gender nouns.

The only reasons I could reasonably understand someone not knowing how to use an apostrophe:
1) They have a learning disability
2) They have a legitimate memory disability (and thus cannot remember the rules) (not something like "oh, I forget stuff all the time haha". NO. Like an actual medical diagnosis).
3) English is not their first language
I am so glad I have English as my first language, because a) It's probably a real awful language to learn and b) Most of the world does speak English. Or Mandarin. But English is still up there, and the only reason Mandarin is is because there's a lot of people in China. I know it's sad and I know not to expect everyone to speak English everywhere, but it's still very common.

"But you don't use correct grammar or punctuation on here when you normally blog," you may say. "You are a huge hypocrite." Or worse, "Your a huge hypocrite". Do not get me started on "Your vs. You're" and "Their vs There vs They're" (hint: They're is a contraction! See the apostrophe?). And actually, I do use correct punctuation, but to hell with capital letters and easy-to-read sentence structure. Only when I am pissed do I get all proper and neat.

Ha: my dad just suggested I should get a shirt that reads "Apostrophe's are not that hard." That would be extremely funny. Except to people who think I don't get it, and who come up to me and say "Your shirt is wrong." I'd say. "Yeah, I know." Or, "Really? I didn't notice!"
Although looking at a shirt like that would drive me insane. I have corrected numerous apostrophe failures on boards at school, one of which was in ENGLISH CLASS.

My teachers all say "There is many" or "The papers is very" etc DAILY. And all my friends are like "Oh, give them a break, they're science and math teachers." SO? They went to university. They presumably have taken an English class before. And lastly, I say: they are TEACHERS. At the very least teachers should not use the word "is" when referring to multiple objects.

Some people say I'm just a bit of nutjob and that I stress this too much. But I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH. If we don't speak English correctly, eventually that will spread to the point where nobody can speak it correctly or remember how to, and then nobody understands what anybody is saying.
Rules exist for a reason. And in some cases, it is NOT to be broken.
"Spelling and grammar aren't that important," some people say. "As long as you can understand what the person is trying to say."
"But if spelling and grammar slip away," I reply, "then meaning will slip away with them at a certain point."

Yer pal,
swegan :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stupid Spanish class.

We had to write a paragraph on the similarities between teenagers in Costa Rica and teenagers in Canada. It's not so much the act of writing the paragraph IN SPANISH that I was worried about, but the fact that I don't actually know the difference.
But aren't you a teenager in Canada? you ask. Well, yes, of course, but I'm also doing full IB. There's only 10 kids my age IN THE ENTIRE CITY doing full IB also (not counting twelfth graders, I don't know how many there are in that grade... also I know this because my school is the only high school in the city to offer IB at all), and so I wonder... what does everyone else do on the weekends?
Mom helped me schedule my entire weekend out to fit the 11 hours of homework I have to do into it. Although 1.5 of those hours are scales and songs for piano. I've gotten 2 hours done. and I'm on "lunch" break right now. Then I'm going to do physics review. ick.

But, yeah. our spanish teacher asked us what we did on the weekends (us being the full IB kids in the class, of which there's about four or five). We said "homework." she was like "well, you just had a february week long break, what did you do then?" and we said "homework". And she (now incredulous) asked us "well, christmas? What about then?" and we said "We taught ourselves three of the biology units over christmas break." we also did that english project, but I think we forgot to mention that. During exam week, we studied (and the smarter half of us started their math projects, though really this one didn't take very long).

Next week, I have:
-a Spanish test on lunes (monday) (no me gusta. Y me y los estudiantes de espanol no gustamos.)
-a physics test on tuesday
-a social essay-test on tuesday (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WRITTEN BY HAND! SCARINESS!)
-a math test wednesday (which is really upsetting, as wednesday is the day they're selling oreos-within-chocolate-chip-cookies in the foyer, but now I can't get one because i have to write a calc test at lunch. And as for giving my money to a friend, well... ALL MY FRIENDS ARE IN MY CALC CLASS ( that I'd see before lunch, anyways). epic sadface. also that's the day of the writing contest, so there goes that. and lit club, should it have met.
and I have to write my HYRS essay, etc etc etc.

although, to my discredit, this doesn't happen every weekend. it's just extremely unconvenient that all these tests and things happen to land around the first half of next week. hopefully, next weekend will NOT be this awful.
anyway, i'm hungry now, so i'm going to eat. om nom nom.
yer pal,
swegan :S