Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm sorry but this... I love this site

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

This site is filled with wonderfully fantastic wonderful-ness AND correct grammar, punctuation, and awesome words. What's not to love?

Just my luck.

It turns out we don't even need to solve for the equation after all... HOORAY, HAPPY DAY! I can probably pass now!
Unfortunately, this also means I spent a lot of time solving for something useless...

I do apologize for posting so excessively over the past few days. It's what annoying people do, I know, and clearly it means I have no life. But we kind of knew that was the truth anyways, now didn't we... I do have friends, yes, but that does not equate to a life.

Thank goodness I'll just be done this stupid math project tomorrow and I can get on with other things. Like piano, for example, and remembering to ask a couple teachers to be my references for HYRS. And writing the stupid essay. AND baking a cake for dad or something. His birthday is tomorrow, hooray! I won't tell you how many birthdays he's had now, but I've had more.

I wonder what it must be like to be the age my parents are. Not because they're soooo old or anything- they actually got married and had kids at what I think is a really reasonable age, not too young and not too old. But they know how to do stuff, like bills and cooking and fixing the internet when it breaks down, and how to do all that banking and investing or whatever it is grownups do with banks. Their life is just sort of... reliable. And for the fist time, I can look at that without resentment. Sure, they may get put under stress sometimes, and life may not always be fun, but they do get to bed earlier than I do and also watch more TV (or so it seems). Though, they do work longer, and they have already gone to school.
I like the idea of being grown up because it essentially means I am totally responsible for myself. It was so nice to finally get a car and to drive myself to school and home and other places. It's nice to know that if I'm late, I have no one to blame but me, because I can take that. But if mom or dad ever got me to school late, I wasn't allowed to complain about it or ask them to be in the car by, say, 7:30 and not 7:45 like mom always did. Besides, I'm ready to go at 7:30 pretty much every morning (or earlier, because I have to warm the car up... I can't wait for summer, or at least warmer weather), so I get there on time now, and I don't have to wait until 3:40 to be picked up. By 3:40, I'm home and so is my sister.
And when you have kids and stuff, maybe you can't exactly do whatever you want, but... I'm going to be in my 20s before I'm in my 30s (obviously). I'm going to go to university and meet people and do things and spend my own money and eat my own food. Something about that just seems so... freeing. I'm more worried about the schoolwork at university and adjusting to that than I am about anything else.

Doesn't anyone else dream of the day when they are fully responsible for themselves? Sure, there's scary bits, like keeping yourself safe and figuring out banks and insurance and shit (for me, anyways). But I think that must be a weird and fun adjustment. And maybe I will fulfill the college freshman meme or something, but the point is...
The point is that all that crap in movies that they say about live your own life, don't be so chicken, try new things- that actually applies to you when you're not living with your parents and they pretty much dictate what you eat and what vacations you go on and when you go out for dinner. And in my case, your class schedule. :P but so far, I like physics, because it's easy and wonderfully, gloriously slow. I feel so smart in there, even with all the other IB nerds in the room.

The stress of yesterday is gone and I'm looking forward to the future. I will have to live in a smaller space and have less than I do now, but honestly it's not like I eat a lot anyway and my main expense will be books, and that's what a Kindle is for. Also, I'm not getting any taller, which means a good portion of my clothes should fit for the foreseeable future. And my shoes. Of course they'll wear out, but yadda yadda yadda wow, once I'm talking there is no shutting me up, is there? Ha.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Monday, February 27, 2012



I just finished eating an orange flavoured airhead candy. SWEET JESUS I HAVE NEVER TASTED ANYTHING SO DELICIOUS. That was the most amazing candy I've ever tasted.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I started my math project

I can never work up enough nerve to cut myself any slack, and because of this, I think I'm more successful than I would be if I took the easy road.

Yeah, maybe it's not so fun having to study my ass off in math and not understand half the questions, but the point is, I do understand if I try hard enough. It's not fun to spend some time every day out of your February break doing a big social project, but I do it anyways.

I have hope for me. That sounds selfish, but I do. The girl who shares the locker next to me (it's not actually her locker, she just didn't want to be upstairs in the social wing) said to me once, "You stupid smart kids, you don't realize you can just slack your way through life and you're fine." She didn't mean it as an insult- trust me, I know this girl, and she's actually really funny. I just shrugged.

I don't think I could stand myself if I slacked through life. I feel like I'm slacking now.

My math project is miraculously due on the 29th, not the 27th- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS- so I will just do it tomorrow and tuesday night. I got some done today! Graphed an equation and everything.

I don't know... everyone else is solving by hand in addition to using technology, but every single time I've tried to solve by hand, I've gotten it wrong. And the smart girl in class has been helping everyone out by basically telling them how to get the a value. Thing is, I don't want to use her work. I want to come up with the answer on my own, otherwise I have to take her answer and back it up and explain how I came to that conclusion. But I didn't. Maybe it's the only way to solve the question and everyone else will come to the same answer, but I don't know that. I will probably get a shitty mark on this, but honestly, my IB marks-out-of-7 never really seem real to me, or like they matter.

The only thing on this rubric for the thing that I could possibly lose marks in for not doing it by hand as well is the Quality of work. The others are notation and terminology, developing a model (mathematical process... ooh, maybe there, too, although that's just whether or not I apply that model to other situations), results interpretation, and use of technology (ten shiny gold stars for me on that one). I think I could at least get a 3 or 4.

That sounds bad. But until I actually see a mark for anything IB that I've done, it's just not going to seem real to me.

Gah. I'm worried I'll be halfway through calculus and start failing or something and then I'll drop, but I'll have wasted half a semester. I promised myself I'd know by two weeks, but it's been two and I still don't know. We've barely covered anything, what if it gets hard later?
Mostly I'm concerned that everyone will think I'm stupid for dropping it halfway through, especially my parents. What if they don't want me to drop the course?

I'm going to write. I haven't written at all this week except for ONE DAY. I am not good at working this into my schedule.

SHIRT FROM THE DRYER right. I have to go.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Totally changed the title, because things have totally changed.

Celery (read the last entry) is applying for the science program this summer as well. I'd be lying if I said that's not another reason I should definitely write one good-ass paper about positive biology and submit my application anyway. There has to be someplace I can leave a note about math 20i. There has to be.

Because I enjoy spending time with celery (this is a very fitting nickname). he's funny. We were friends as kids because our parents are friends. He hasn't changed much- he's just, well, older. and taller.

Also... if I get into this thing, I get paid. SWEET DEAL, BRO-SKI.

yer pal,

Friday, February 24, 2012


I won't ever forget that one summer after ninth grade when we had that family out to the cabin that we hadn't seen in six years and their oldest son tried roasted celery. This was after I mentioned that I'd been writing a novel and some of my characters had been forced to eat roasted celery (as in over-a-campfire-roasted), but I wasn't sure if it tasted bad so I just assumed it did.

Later that night the boys brought down the vegetable platter to the fire and started roasting that. As we left the fire, the dad of the family we'd invited asked the oldest if he'd tried roasted celery. "Yeah," he replied. "How was that?" his dad asked. "Pretty gross," he replied.

Thanks to that, I now know that at least one part of Camp Lame-o is accurate.

That was not a good summer. And at the same time, it was.

My washing machine has no hope for humanity.

The soil level it automatically selects for the bedding cycle is "Heavy".

I have washed my sheets so many times and never realized that it could imply that. I think I have been spending too much time reading rage comics on the memebase site...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Social homeowork is boring.

Four pages, double sided, with ~ 52 separate dates preceding, during, and after the French revolution. Must have 3 bullet points for each thing. Must have a lot of bullet points for six significant things. This must stand out from my original work.
I am on the third page, first side. Thank god the last page has only 3 things on the back. and that the first only had three on the front.

Still... This is a lot of work. I have 3.5 pages left to do in 3 days, and also my math IB project. for that we must:

-look at the fancy tables of g-forces and how long you can stand them for.
-identify parameters of the equation we have to come up with
-come up with an equation BY HAND.
-graph that
-come up with nice equation by punching buttons on calculator
-graph that.
-come up with BRAND NEW type of equation for same data. this is going to involve changing the parameters of the equation.
-come up with an equation of same type as first one for a graph of g-forces in a different direction.
-compare the two. do lots of translations to make them the same.
-type up a paper about it and include lots of graphs and charts.

I am on the third bullet point. That is due monday, along with my social thing.

I realize blogging about this isn't helping. The only reason I blogged was 'cause I wanted to share my French-Revolution-New-Republic-of-1792-birthday. It'd be 10 Vendèmiare (except the accent goes the other way), which in English is 10 Vintage. I feel so hipster today.

yer pal,
swegan :)

I am a HUGE nerd

Although when I think of the phrase "extremely intelligent", I do not come to mind. I am not "extremely intelligent". I am just "smart". But that's perfectly alright with me. Also, "extremely intelligent" brings to mind for me the image of child geniuses. Or, say, nerd. And a couple of other kids in my Physics class- one full IB like me, and another who should be full IB because he's smart but he just takes regular because it's easy for him.
But I only say this because I have been watching all the star trek movies with my dad (except for number one, because he told me that one's really bad). So far, I like four best, because of the whole bro thing. Although the start of number five is hilarious- what are bros for, if not for catching you with rocket boots when you fall off the side of a mountain? That definitely made my day.

Also watched Flipped today. Best book-to-movie adaptation I've ever seen- they got it all completely right and didn't miss a thing or make it feel unimportant or rushed. I liked the ending better too, because it gave you some concrete proof of the fact that she was going to do what she said she'd do at the end of the book.
Those people on the scholastic teens website or wherever it was that I saw this book-to-movie adaptation contest were dead wrong when they said new moon was the best book-to-movie adaptation. New moon was among the worst, along with I am number four. They did a TERRIBLE job of that. For one thing, Sam is supposed to be an incredibly nerdy kid who wears his father's glasses, and also, the battle at the end? That's when Henri's supposed to die, after they get their asses whooped- contrary to the movie, they do not actually do very well in that battle and I actually thought they might lose at the end. Pittacus Lore did a good job of that- it was actually suspenseful, and I wondered "Okay, maybe they actually will lose...". See, that's good writing. Plus the whole love-story-with-Sarah-thing was done very poorly in the movie.
But, anyway. Enough of my rants.
One last thing, though: THEY BETTER DO A DAMN GOOD JOB OF THE HUNGER GAMES. That's right. Don't change a thing. Don't rearrange events or people or add things or take them out. They have to know that there's a gigantic fan base for that that will never let them hear the end of it if they do screw up, though. So perhaps I can take comfort in that.
One month today until the movie comes out. SO VERY EXCITED! :D

Movies have improved in the past decade. I actually thought they were out of ideas for awhile there. Although they are pretty much just running on books now... and teen fiction especially. Which is good for me, because I can relate to all of it. Hooray!
Relatability is probably one of the main reasons why I hated Miami Vice. I'm sure if you were into that sort of thing, it'd be a good movie, but to me, it was just lame and stupid and didn't make any sense. I'm not really one for action movies. There are exceptions, however- like RED. That was freaking hilarious.

I watched the Big Bang Theory until 2 AM last night because I love their nerdiness :) I am officially a fan of the show. It is HILARIOUS! And I've already decided: my favourite character is Leonard. Don't ask me why, because ... Well, it's like how Richard was my favourite character on Lost: I don't know.

But... if I was really a huge nerd, I wouldn't be having so much trouble solving for a in the equation y=a(x^b) where y is the time one can stand a g-force of x. I can use a system of equations to solve for b, no problem. But when I solve for a it always comes out as some gigantic awful number that's nowhere close to what I need to average it out. Stupid a. I know I'm not using my logs wrong. I keep looking for a place to drop them on both sides, but it's just not there. Sigh.

Plus, this is due on monday. I realize I should have started earlier but I can't do much about that except start things earlier in the future (or travel faster than light, gain an irrational mass and time travel backwards, slap myself in the face and tell myself to work on the project. But if I were to do that, I'd have already experienced myself being slapped in the face. So clearly, I'm not going to do that). So... I guess I'll just ask some fellow nerds for help. If I can't do that, I'll have to state in the paper that I just couldn't find it and say "well, I tried FIVE DIFFERENT WAYS, three of which were wrong, but it wouldn't work" and accept a 2/7 as my mark.

If I didn't have this stupid project, IB calculus wouldn't be so bad. Sigh.

ANYway. I should get back to wasting time. I've probably done enough today, what with my laughing at Spock and Kirk's awesomely hilarious and epic-bro-moment-filled adventures in the 80s with whales, but pah. If I try to do any more of that social booklet tonight my language will really slip into the "bitch, please" sort of way of talking.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, I can't edit "blah" now, so here's this...

I had a dream about a week ago that my dad flew our house to the moon. Only it wasn't really our house, it was a research lab thing. When we got to the moon, we crashed into a church. I remember my dad's cousin's husband being there, and my sister (and my dad), but not my mom, my dad's cousin, or their adorable daughter. We all had almost-zero-gravity-shopping-cart-races at one point, the adults all sat and discussed things while I tried to get a good look at the earth (the stupid church was in the way) and then it occurred to me that our house was definitely not airtight. I asked my dad how we were there and still alive (because of the there's-no-atmosphere-on-the-moon-problem) and he just shrugged and said "I dunno". I remember getting home, he and I and Freckles were at the back door right where I put on my coat and boots in the morning and then we'd lean forward and the house would zoom around the moon, and we'd lean back and it would keep zooming, then we kept leaning back and forward until eventually we shot away with the speed we'd obtained from the rapid orbit. I remember we landed just off the highway in Kananaskis, and dad saying something about how mom wasn't going to be happy about it.

That dream was awesome (as was the one the previous night... :), and again, it reminded me of this dream I used to have, and that I still do: to see the Earth from space.
It feels good to have a dream that big. I want to leave this planet for just a couple days, even, and take a picture of it from space with my own camera so that I can prove I was there. I want to see this giant green, blue, and white marble we call home, from out where it floats.
Thing is, I assumed all astronauts had to be super-healthy and without glasses to be able to go into space. My dad agreed with the health bit, but he pointed out that if everyone had to be without glasses and the few other ailments I have, there'd be no scientists in space, just jocks. The problem is that NASA isn't doing much space exploration anymore, so I guess I better learn to speak Russian or Chinese. Jokes.
I know that there's lots more problems that we need to deal with here on this planet before we find out new things about other ones, but still... I believe that space is the final frontier, something so huge that we've barely touched or looked at. Some say the ocean is, I say, we will finish exploring the entire ocean long before we've finished exploring just the arm of this galaxy.

I've heard so many things over my lifetime, about establishments on the moon, how to make an atmosphere on mars (which is basically just global warming put to good use- create a greenhouse effect strong enough to trap enough heat in the weak atmosphere mars has so that the water melts, and go from there...), a space hotel that stretches up through the atmosphere. None of these developments have ever come to pass.

Of course, when I brought up the idea of being an astrophysicist at breakfast this morning, my parents again were quick to point out that the only job I'd get with that is teaching at a university. Then they proceeded on to again frickin' point out that there's so many good jobs in health sciences, and that I'd be guaranteed a good life if I went into that. Bla bla bla. I know they're right, but it drives me up the wall how they present all this. The way they're telling me this is that oh, this'll be such a good job. Every job has good bits and bad bits, though we won't specifically mention any of the bad bits for health-related jobs, but we will for other jobs. For health we'll just say, there'll be bits you don't like. But the implication by not providing specific examples that we're giving you is that the bad bits are lesser in a health career; the benefits far outweigh anything. Don't be a vet, you'll be up at three AM fixing sick pigs on farms. Don't be a teacher, otherwise we'll never ever let you complain about your job because in our eyes teachers have the easiest job in the world. Don't be a professor, then you have to go where the job is. Don't be a journalist, you'll be working for someone else. Don't be an artist, you'll starve. Don't be an astrophysicist, there's no career in that. Don't be a sociologist, there's no career in that either. Don't, don't, don't. The only thing they have vehemently supported is health sciences. I hate it. They're just narrowing my entire view of my options. I don't feel like I have any choice anymore but to become an anesthetist because that seems like the easiest medical job I know of and forever live my life feeling like I'm a hypocrite and that I have no will of my own.

I realize you want me to have a job, it's just that you're shoving one specific career path into my face and down my throat all the time and now I feel like I can't choose it because I'd be choosing it for you, not for me.
But every time I try to fight back, every time I try to point out your wrongs, you just cling to the facts: that you're right.

Well. I think we've uncovered the ugly trait of myself that I have which is feeling as if I am constantly wrong. That is what the evidence has presented me with via interactions with the stuck-up-know-it-all-versions of nerd and tupperware and my parents.

Screw them. I'm going to grow up an be an astronaut today.

Yer pal,
swegan :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spock and Kirk are such bros.

I've watched a couple of the old Star Trek movies now, too. I like the third one (aside from the fact that Kirk's son died and he totally looked like my dad when he was a teenager, and then Saavik totally reminded me of my mom... very weird) because the ending is just so... I don't know. It definitely looked like those two were much more than just bros at the end, if you get what I'm saying... Also, I liked how when Spock was all "Your name is Kirk" the rest of the crew just rushed over and touched him. Very random.

I feel like they should have had a hug at the end, though, or at least a one-armed-bro-hug-thing, because it totally looked like they were going to kiss each other. I was loling.

Also, my dad made me laugh: when Spock was heading up the stairs away from him and it was all dramatic because Kirk was watching him go, dad narrated Kirk's thoughts for me: "If he turns around, he loves me..." now THAT was funny. :D And then he turned around and I laughed harder.

Oh, space. You're so awesome :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I just don't understand...

... how throwing on a shirt made from the same material as a 70s couch, a zebra-print skirt, platform sneakers dyed in the colour of a hideous 50s wallpaper, ripped hooker tights, a suit jacket/blazer in a shade of god-awful pastel-70s star-trek-enterprise-chair-pink, and a necklace that looks like it weighs about the same as a car looks good.

Yes, it's that time of the month again- the pretty-vain-pictures-magazine arrives! Hark, the fashion models sing.

I was so happy to get Wired and read all the articles about an underground group in paris who fix up old relics and buildings and clocks and things, and cars that drive themselves, and, y'know, nerdy stuff. Although I have to say, sometimes it's fun to look at pretty pictures and feel good about not being as totally fake and airbrushed as those pictures.

I'm going to start this rant with one little nugget of shallow-ness from this magazine- it's in the beginning, the letter the editor writes to the readership, y'know. And she's talking about their Pretty Amazing contest in which you win $20000 in scholarship money and get to be on the cover of Fake and Colourful airbrushed pictures of models and makeup for teenagers. I mean, Seventeen. Listen to what she says:

"The rules are the same-- yes, you have to be pretty to be on the cover, but even more important, you have to have an amazing story to tell."

Why is the physical attractiveness of the girl important at all? And last year's winner was an entrepreneur and fashion designer.
I don't mean to denounce this girl or shoot her down, but come ON. Fashion design? There are so many more important things to DO with your life. Also, in my opinion, fashion's pretty much gone down the toilet as you can wear whatever the hell you want today and make it work.

This issue is even stupider than the last. Plus, apparently high-waisted shorts and crop tops are "in" now or whatever. EW. EW! There's girls at my school that wear crop tops already. Um, a) it's february, put on some real clothes, because it's actually snowing now, and 2) we don't need to see that and you look trashy. Clothes are meant to cover your body and make a statement, but the statement you're making right now is, I couldn't find a shirt that fit me this morning so I just threw on this old thing. It's been through the wash a few times, so it got too short, so I tried stretching it out, but unfortunately for me, I stretched it in the wrong direction so now it's all wide and short. Oh well! Seriously. Is that the image you want to portray? I didn't think so. Put on a real shirt, please.

I don't understand the popularity of wedges, either. I own ONE pair of really high bright pink wedge sandals, but unfortunately they're just a little too big and um, I'd look ridiculous in those. I don't remember why my mother let me get them anymore. I think she was the one who persuaded me to. Anyway, I can't wear them to school, because I wouldn't be able to walk in them and I'd look like a hooker (in my opinion). So... for right now, I just wear them around the house occasionally, to feel tall. Though I do have to wonder if I'd be as tall as nerd in those... hmm.

Oh boy. Let's take some ugly white high-waisted shorts that already look like granny panties and spray paint the bottoms black. Now it looks like grandma got caught in a wildfire and it set her underwear on fire, so she took it off and fled. When you arrived at the scene, it was all you could find, and now you wear it as an ironic hipster piece in honour of your grandmother, who was once caught in a wildfire. Seriously. It looks like crap. That's not an opinion. That's a fact. Burnt granny panties do not look good on ANYONE.

Nicki Minaj's guide to getting fierce... I don't like her, thanks; she comes off as a huge lady-gaga rip-off, only with less class.

Oh, god. They used the adjective "glam" to describe a hairstyle. Way to sound like you're a bratz doll.

Health stuff... workout stuff (which I will never do, because I have too much social homework), ooh look, how to shave your legs. Except I totally don't because I find the smoothness of shaved legs to be extremely creepy; also I'm always cold and body hair conserves heat so... I figure I could use all the help I can get.

A very dramatic story about how a girl got carjacked and almost raped at the mall. Never will I go anywhere in public alone again. I don't have much else to say about that.

oh, a quote: "Never, ever, feel bad about the occasional ice cream. Life is too short: Enjoy it, baby!" Um, thanks, I will, as I'm way too young to worry about calories or sugar or having the occasional ice cream. Seriously? Don't feel bad? Why would I? It's ice cream. I ate ice cream every day last year when we went on the school trip to Europe. Didn't regret a thing. We did so much walking anyway.

Oh, goodie, just what teenage girls need to hear: all about sex in college! How about we leave that to someone who doesn't think that a girl needs to be pretty to qualify as "pretty amazing"?

The longest article in here is about some actress who's finally ready to shine.
REALLY? wow.

But... my horrorscope is good this month! It says if I'm applying to some new job or study thing, I should go about that on the 2nd. Hopefully that's true; I really want to get into the summer researcher program thing at the university! Sure, I wouldn't be able to come out to the cabin as much, but when else would I ever get an opportunity that huge?

Well, I guess that wraps it up. I'm sure some of you may now be like "okay yeah we get it, you don't like seventeen magazine, why don't you talk about something you do like for a change?" but BLAH to that, because I like talking about how I hate seventeen magazine. So there.

One other weird thing.. I just got an email from facebook, and it was all like "welcome, please come and set up your account so we can keep all your pictures in our creepy servers!" and I was like "what?"
I definitely never set that up. So I went there, logged in with my email, said I forgot my password, made a new one, signed in, three clicks and an explanation later and I was out of there. Unfortunately, it said "Okay... but you can still sign in any time! We hope you come back soon!"

Well, now, that's not really deactivating the account, is it? That's just signing out. I am now a member of the herd because some internet creep got my email. Great.

I planned on joining anyway, but more like next year, just so I could keep in touch with people when I go away to university or something. I mean, it's there, and EVERYONE is on it (except me lol) so I'd be able to talk with friends from high school and family, which might be really helpful when I'm all alone at a new school.

Until then, I can text people, so I'm all set.

anyway. I wish you all the best of luck.... just because I feel like it. :)

yer pal,
swegan :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I sincerely hope Obama gets re-elected in the states. If a republican is elected, it is my personal conviction that the country is screwed.

Anyone who wants to ban birth control should NOT be in charge. For some reason, I feel like I have a pretty good opinion there.

Some of you may disagree, and that's alright-- this is just what I think based on my life and the context of that, blah blah blah. It's just that third world countries and countries where women have few rights usually don't have accessible birth control, so...

That's just the big issue for me.
Anyway. If I could cheer, I'd say: Go, Democrats!

yer pal,
swegan :)


Neon pancakes. You know you're jealous.
Freckles and I made these Friday morning; every time we scooped out some batter we'd add a different colour of food colouring to it. :) Good times.

Also, in response to the comments on my "Swegan responds to: seventeen magazine" post: thank you! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it- expect more throughout the year, as I'm getting one a month.

Space + Physics= no sense.

I've been trying to calculate time dilation because I want to write a story about some characters who go to the kepler 22-b or 22-f planet.
I found the formula and have been tooling around with it for like 2 hours.

My results? It would not be possible to get the planet, going at 0.9 times the speed of light (I know we can't go faster than the speed of light, so therefore v has to be greater than 0 and less than 1) before the earth is burned up by the sun.

Then, I tried to figure out how far we'd be able to get in 5 billion years (assuming we are travelling at half light-speed, and it'll therefore take us 1200 years to get to the planet (as it is 600 light-years away)) and i got that we'd get about 14 years into the journey. Pretty depressing. If we left RIGHT NOW, I'd get to be about 30 years old and then my home planet would be destroyed by its own sun.

So theoretically, there are two options here, the first of which is waaaaay more plausible:
1) Leaving earth can be advertised in the story as a permanent decision- we can't go back, because there won't be an earth to go back to. Even worse if it turns out kepler 22-b is either a) uninhabitable or b) full of malicious aliens that will destroy us or pickle us in jars or something.
2) We travel back a couple zillion years, and then go. Because then, theoretically, the sun would be younger and it would take it longer to burn our planet. Of course... that just wouldn't work. I've tried working out theories for time travel (social last year was REALLY BORING sometimes) and none of them make any sense. (also travelling back in time would be permanent, as once you go back you alter time, theoretically creating a new time stream, meaning even if you can travel back to where you came from, it'd be different (you'd already be there)).

And, I guess, as my dad just suggested, there's a third option:
3) We find ourselves a big-ass wormhole, one where we can predict where we will end up once we go through it. However,
a) the wormhole would have to be less than 10 light-years away, to give us enough time to get there before earth explodes (approximately);
b) as Star Trek taught me, it's unlikely we'd survive going through a wormhole (and/or black hole);
c) as Star Trek also taught me, it's impossible to predict where or even when you'd pop out. So I guess a wormhole that pops us out right close to the planet (less than 1 light year away would probably be best) further in the past. Then earth would likely be there, though it might be in the middle ages so communication with Earth would prove impossible.

So... there really is no way to go about this. If we leave this planet for a new one, it's for good. Just like travelling back in time.

DISCLAIMER: I probably got most of these calculations wrong, as when I flipped the equation around and tried to do some solving that way, I started getting results that told me "the faster we go, the slower we get there" so... yeah.
Also, I probably left out a whole bunch of other things to consider which some fancy physicist could point out to me- so this is all very very rough work.

I guess my characters are going to have one hell of a choice to make, unless we figure out some way to make matter be able to travel faster than the speed of light.
Wouldn't that mean we're travelling in the dark, then?

I just love thinking about all this nerdy stuff. I love things that boggle the mind- like dad's exoplanet app, where we can zoom out far enough to see the entire little animated sphere that supposedly represents the universe. But if the earth is a planet floating in nothing (which is space- a vacuum, there's "no air" occupying most of the space -then what is the universe "floating" in? And are there other universes out there? How the hell would that work? How do you get something more nothing-like than NOTHING?

Also: I got my braces off. Hooray!
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