Tuesday, September 27, 2011


plus, in double english we watched a movie and our teacher made us popcorn. this is why i love double english. and tuesdays, because nerd stays after school. if i hadn't been picked up right away, i would have sat with him and tried to convince him to kiss me again. it's still not working...

in other news, my birthday is coming up (sunday, incase you were wondering). i invited some friends out for dinner and so far only 3 can come. which makes me kind of sad- it's a bit of a milestone, but not really- and so i was hoping more people would be able to come. but everyone has a job now, and some people are going away. which sucks, but at least SOMEone can come. and the four (or hopefully, more!) of us will have a great time together anyways, eating dinner and talking about random stuff and laughing. a couple of people said they didn't know yet, so i'm hoping they'll be able to. my own boyfriend can't even come to my birthday. oh well.

and then there's math. i've decided that 31ib is maybe not the best idea, since they have to write the world exam in may, which means getting through the semester's work- which is bound to be hard, it's university calculus... i think- in about four months. i'm not saying i couldn't do the work. it's just that i'd prefer more time to do the work. i can be good at math, if you give me lots of help and time to figure out questions. also, i'm relieved that now i'm relinquishing full-IB status, even though i'm kind of sad at the same time, because there's 16 full IB kids in the WHOLE SCHOOL or something like that, and i've enjoyed being an elite member of the group-of-kids-in-full-IB. but maybe not elite. we're just big nerds.

ooh, i just remembered i have to print my chem lab.
no wait, that's due friday. so technically i should print it, i'm just hoping we'll figure out laws and theories that explain why ionization energy and atomic radius decrease or increase depending which way you go on the periodic table, 'cause we don't know any... and the internet has been unhelpful so far (meaning, i searched some keywords with inurl:.edu at the end to get not wikipedia sites and all i got was stuff explaining what i already knew. after clicking three links, i got bored and gave up. i am so curious :P)

SO anyways. it is late and i keep not getting enough sleep, but i didn't actually have any homework today, as aforementioned, and so i have been doing pretty much nothing the whole afternoon.
no, that's not true. i did theory. my theory is done, hoorah, hooray! i got all my theory done today!
(that rhyme was 50% accidental).

ALSO: i would like to recommend a book! well, two- The Book of Awesome and The Book of (even more!) Awesome. i just love how the author writes, it's all snappy-rhyme-y and clever and happy. plus, i read these books when i'm depressed. nothing to bring you out of depression like a reminder of all the little awesome things that happen in life. the books contain things like the smell of bakery air, calling shotgun, when you realize you know how to drive, and your almost name. it's just so lighthearted and wonderful, and i love it.
AND THERE'S A WEBSITE, i believe. 1000awesomethings.com? yes, that's it. it is thoroughly awesome.

and my awesome thing of the day?
When you get to watch a movie in class and the teacher makes you popcorn.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Friday, September 16, 2011


favourite movies in order from most favourite downwards:
1. Star Trek- god, i love that movie. soooooooooooo much. it is the best movie EVER.
2. Megamind- maybe it's just the character of bernard, but this is my second favourite.

and that's all i have so far... but it's good to have that knowledge, to start getting favourites. and stuff i want to do, like be kissed at the top of a ferris wheel and all that.

but anyway, goodnight. fare thee well. :P



i am not kidding, all 16 or 14 of us full IB kids have been working our BUTTS off. i'm so glad i don't have a job or anything to worry about on top of it all, though my piano's definitely going to suffer. every day this week, i have come home, eaten something, and done straight homework until dinner, then ate dinner, and then did more homework. all i do is homework. except before school in the morning, at lunch at school, and when i'm asleep. sure, a few days i've said "oh, what the heck" and watched a rap battle on youtube or a movie downstairs (my parents keep picking really creepy movies to watch on netflix and so then i have to sleep with the lamp on...). but for the most part, it's just all WORK.
and the weird part is, i love it. i don't know how i can possibly love doing all this work- maybe because it's not like it's hard? i have been trying to accept for awhile that IB isn't harder things, just more homework. it's not more hard homework (you can tell i'm such a good english student. that was a terrible sentence). we get math every day, which is challenging because i have to concentrate really hard, but if i keep plugging away at it i should be able to get a decent grade on my diploma exam. english is very nice to have- i like how i can have one class i don't have to freak out about. after all, as far as i'm concerned, spelling and vocab tests aren't hard, neither is knowing the part of speech a word is. and coming up with sentences isn't hard either. so english is such a relief. plus, the other day we spent half the class watching funny stuff, which consisted of the rap battle between dr. suess and shakespeare, and let me tell you, that one is definitely my favourite. plus kids bring in funny stuff they find (that's appropriate, anyways), so it's not all the same stuff we were shown last year. also, today i handed in my vocab late (oops! forgot to print it, heh heh.) and the teacher handed it back within the class, and said to me, "you're a writer" and on the top of the page i saw a perfect 20 out of 20 with the word "super" beside it.

i freaking love high school.

and then there's chem, which will be a challenge, but it's chem, so i can keep going with it because it's fun. i really liked learning about radioactivity. so maybe that's something i could go into. geez, i'm such a nerd. just look at the way i write. i love school. which makes me weird, but i do. and bio is plenty of fun, as usual. i feel like i'm doing well in bio so far, mostly because there's zero math involved up to this point. woohoo!
speaking of math, i got a test mark (not the actual test) back today. 77%! and i thought that test was EASY. (you have to understand, 77 is not a good mark for me. i have to be above 80 in everything, and even if it's 79.5, i'm happy, just so long as it's greater than 80.) then my math teacher proceeded to tell us that this unit we just had a test on is usually the one people score the highest on. and that freaked me out a little. this is 30 math, guys. this gets me into university (a fact our math teacher has reminded us of often). the diploma's worth something like 50%, and i tend to do poorly on math finals. sigh. i told my dad that perhaps IB math was not the way for me and he just said it was a week or two into school and i couldn't give up so easily. but seriously, math is just not a strong point for me. i can be average at it, sure. and i'm happy understanding it (and OH MY GOD WE GET TO DO LOGARYTHMS... LOG... I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU SPELL IT; i've always wanted to know what those are) and i know it's important. but sometimes i have to remind myself that in my future it will probably not be that important if i can't figure out how to convert some crazy question like 3^6x-8/27^42 into a nice number then it'll probably be okay. i know i shouldn't say i'm bad, but trust me, i try, and it never seems to get any easier. if it does, somehow i'm always doing something wrong...

also, nerd didn't do most of his homework for this unit, most likely (who am i kidding? this is totally true) did not study, and he pulls off almost a perfect grade. of course tupperware is good at math and he pulled something around mine. maybe functions just aren't his thing. but everything in math is nerd's thing, and it's all logical to him. and tupperware, for that matter. whatever. i can still pwn them at english. and writing. and essays. i got 23/25 on our essay in english that we did on the second day, and it's because i use too many words and it gets too confusing.

i'm sorry, i'm bragging. i don't mean to be rude, but english is the one thing i can be good at without trying and that makes me really happy.

so, yeah, things are going well. i didn't do any homework today, we were driving all afternoon looking for show homes, because my dad and freckles and i like to look at show homes, but they were all closed or nonexistent. also, my dad did a few more of those things where i go to turn right and halfway through the turn he goes "No! LEFT!" and then i have to crank what must be some illegal t-shaped-turn-thingie and go left, or when i go to pull out of a parking lot and i see a truck coming and plan to just pull out ahead of it, but as soon as i start to go he yells "Stop!" and i hit the brakes and the eggs we just bought go flying. then he says "sorry. i thought you didn't see him." well, i am driving, y'know, and paying attention, like today when that idiot in the powder blue car blew through a stop sign on my left and i just about hit him. it's not that i was worried for my safety that much- i was in the truck and it could have totalled that little car- but that i didn't want to get in an accident. but that guy SHOULD have been watching out and maybe not gone blowing through a stop sign? just 'cause it's a residential area doesn't mean other people don't drive there too. sheesh.
but at least with driving i totally know what my fairy is! i call it the "perfect-stop-light-change-fairy", meaning when i pull up and stop perfectly at a light that's already red, it will turn green just as i come to the perfect stop. every. single. time. and then whenever we hit a red light dad said "your fairy isn't working so well now" and i would have to explain it to him all over again.

also, we saw guys painting arrows on the road, but it looked like they put glue down and covered it with sparkly-shiny stuff, all pretty and white. we called them the "glitter boys" and i said "they make everything all shiny-pretty". that's something i got from my dad, by the way. he always uses two adjectives. "weeny-tiny". "sloppy-spilly". "sleepy-tired". "goofy-silly". i hope i pass that on to my kids, because i'm hoping i got it from him. that, and my mom's logic.

anyway! i might do my chem homework, just to get it done. then all i'd have is math, theory, and piano.
is? are? blah. whatever.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy days and other things.

I read a book once, called How to Ditch your Fairy, and it was set in a place where most people had a fairy that gave them luck, like a loose-change-finding fairy, a never-getting-cold fairy (every Canadian needs one of those), and a parking fairy. stuff like that.
On the back, a quote basically says that after reading this book you will know what kind of fairy you have.
i'm fairly certain i have a nothing-will-ever-be-as-terrible-as-you-think fairy.

School. the first day, i don't know, i feel was like poop, but it really wasn't. it was so good to see everyone and go to my classes and all that, except for when i picked up an excited tone in english and asked nerd "guess what happens on monday?" he replied "what?" in this totally mocking happy tone. so that was kind of bleh. and then i told him on monday we'll have been dating for six months, and he said "meh".
!!! six months is HALF A YEAR. i cannot believe how fast it went by. and he doesn't even think it's that big of a deal.
also, everyone was hyper on wednesday and excited and everything, and he kept commenting on that. i don't understand how you can't be excited for the first day of school. especially when, like me, you've been away all summer and have barely seen or talked to anyone.

second day went GREAT. my teachers are all really great (i love my bio teacher! she talks all the time, and she's so funny!) (my chem teacher is also really funny, though she doesn't talk as much) (i had my english and math teachers last year. my math teacher is funny, too :D my english teacher likes to show us funny stuff.) and i'm in basically the same group of people. there's 16 people in my math class, and it's a diploma exam class. eeeeeeeek.

for some reason i feel like i've posted this before. anyway.

i've heard my bio teacher likes to take in a lot of stuff and that we do a lot of lab reports (yuck. i like experiments and even writing lab reports, because i'm good at it, but my fear of what people think keeps getting in the way and making school-mandatory labs just awful), so... i guess we'll have to see how that goes. chem seems like it'll be fine. plus our textbooks are the prettiest things i've ever seen; they have a picture of a chemical reaction with a big explosion on the front, and when you hold it to the light it's all shiny and pretty colours. our bio textbook has a mountain goat/pronghorn on the front and weighs ten million pounds. math... math is math is math. hopefully i can pull off an 80 this semester. and in english, we're reading shakespeare and the book Brave New World at the same time. so i took brave new world home this weekend to read it (i cannot understand shakespeare without help). that book is SO WEIRD. he told us that what we're reading this year will challenge us, and now i see what he meant. it's pretty sexist... or at least the culture in the book is. they breed test tube babies and then whisper hypnotic messages to them in their sleep so they will be happy being either one of the smart ranks, the middle ranks, or the idiot ranks (yep. they produce intellectuals all the way down to morons. how awful is that?). and also, in an attempt to keep everyone happy, they can all date and have sex with whoever they want.

i am not kidding. that is the setting of this book. i do like the character bernard, though, because he opposes the whole system and the sexism within it. and it's actually a really enjoyable book, once you realize it's just an author trying to criticize the present and that this totally sexist dystopian society could never happen. it's well written and not too complicated. my favourite kind of book.

and i still have two math questions i need help with. we're doing all this translating functions stuff and it took a while for me to wrap my brain around it and memorize how it works (don't tell me it's logic. that stuff is not something that would logically come to people... or at least not to me) and then the questions challenge you to use how it works, only how am i supposed to figure out some vertical translation for the function of f(x)=1/(x-2) to the point (x, 28) or whatever the question was? that doesn't make any sense, and my paraphrasing probably made it sound worse than it is.
if math continues like this, perhaps IB math is not the route for me. fine with me, too, because that excuses me of having to do 150 hours of community service. though i probably should do some. just maybe not this semester, if it gets any harder? apparently, you can volunteer at the hospital. that sounds like a volunteer thing my parents would approve of. beats driving the "meals on wheels" truck, that's for sure.

anyway. i need to eat some food.

also, victoria, i'm sorry to hear about your grandma. my sympathies to you, and my condolences as well. i don't know how you feel but i'm sure it's not good, and i hope you feel better soon.

yer pal,