Friday, June 24, 2011

I feel it's necessary to have a picture of my feet in converse on my blog. thus, here it is. Mine are the blue ones, because blue is way cooler. Freckles' feet are on the left.
(again, i've been browsing blogs, lol. blame other people, not me.)

i just realized how that can sound like a total stranger. ick. i sound awful and cheesy.
OH WELL. i know me and that is what counts.

yer pal,
swegan :)

no more posts today, i promise.

oh my god.

why on earth would any mother post pictures of her ENTIRE FAMILY AND THEIR LOCATION on the INTERNET where complete PEDOPHILES can see her children? good grief.
i just don't understand. if some mother who's writing a blog about her family or about one child sees this, could you please answer me? i don't understand.

these kids are going to grow up and learn about internet safety and realize that when their mother posts all these pictures of them all over the internet and the dates with some of them and their full names and ages and everything, that it's not okay. i know they want to share their children's lives with their friends in faraway places, but for goodness' sake, do it somewhere where complete strangers can't see! do they even THINK?

sorry. it just really drives me crazy that some people actually post all that online and i have to wonder if they actually think nothing of it.

anyway. going to eat or something. i don't really know. i just felt like ranting on here a little bit.

yer pal,
swegan :)

about bobo jilli...

just incase you were looking at who i'm following all stalker-like and stumbled upon bobo jilli, i know them in real life. they created a blog to browse other blogs because they're bored.

yeah. just thought i'd clarify on that.
otherwise, not much is happening, though i'd like to start running sometime. my mom keeps saying she will but then she never does. i think if i don't take the incentive and get her up she's not going to do anything.
i could be wrong, but it's worth a try. hopefully i can win the battle with my sleeping self at 5 AM.

alright. farewell then.
yer pal,
swegan :)

Monday, June 13, 2011


My site is worth $197.1.
How much is yours worth?

That's right.
damn it, that rhymed!
so... how much is YOUR website worth?

that means i just made one hundred ninety seven dollars and ten cents out of NOTHING. nothing but imagination, a keyboard, and an ability to remember awesome things to share and my password.
huh. spiffy.

yer pal,
swegan :)


what wikipedia will teach you.
k. so there's three main high schools in my city, and mine is the smallest (AND THE BEST, though i might be biased a little, hee). there's a brand-spanking new one which is evil and steals all the good teachers from our school (which is very mean. give them back right now. you can find some new teacher grads. STOP STEALING FROM US!) and whisks them away TO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. literally. they're a wee baby school, still gaining pride and good sports teams and all that crap. but with all the super-fantastic teachers they selfishly stole (the administration or whoever appoints teachers, not the students. i'm sure the students are fine) they should have a great chance at being an awesome school. and i mean a great one. they took my gym teacher from last year, and he cried when he told us all at the assembly that he was leaving. he was the best gym teacher i ever had. EVER. so they better be nice to him. and then there's the other school, which is big and scary and everyone goes there. and their wikipedia page is a zillion times longer than ours, which i don't think is very fair. we've only been around for 10 years less than them.
so... i looked at their school song. this is just me being judgemental and biased, but, um... i like ours a LOT better. our school song is all about being part of a big family and how we'll play the game even if we lose and that sort of stuff, you know? (my school is big on being one big family. it works really well) and theirs was sort of just "we'll stand behind your colours and spread their fame and put all the others to shame." some direct lines from ours are: "(school name) we are proud to be, part of your great family..." that's going to promote MUCH better values in people.

ugh. i just... yeah. our school might not be the best at sports, but we have one hell of an arts program AND IB, which i am pretty stinkin' proud of. and at least we can beat the baby high school at football, lol. or the ones from other little cities around us. stuff like that.
it's nice to go to a small school, though, because you recognize people even if you don't know them, the hallways aren't that crowded, you don't lose friends as easily, the teachers are more likely to recognize you, etc etc etc. my math teacher from last year said hi to me today. LAST YEAR. and she remembered my name. something tells me at the big high school that i am biased against, that wouldn't be as likely to happen...
i mean, i had some great friends who went to that school. i'm not saying that the kids are bad. i'm just saying, i think my school has more positives. and lots of great people. EXCEPT THE ONES THE BABY SCHOOL STOLE. YES I AM BRINGING THAT UP AGAIN. they couldn't just pick teachers at random or something, no, they had to pick the VERY BEST WE HAD TO OFFER AND STEAL THEM. the very, very, very best. only the good ones left, and that really pisses me off that they can do that. stole our principal, too, though we have a good one now and they're not going to steal him.

if my sister goes to the big high school (whose population has actually been depleted by something like 35% by the opening of the brand new baby school) she is not my sister. she wouldn't do that. she just can't. i know she won't. i would not be able to live in the same house as her if she went to the OTHER SCHOOL. i wouldn't be able to drive her to school in the morning. I would plaster the car with pro-MY SCHOOL bumper stickers for all the other kids to see.

i love my school, very very much. i am having the best time EVER at it, i love all the teachers and all my friends. and it is like a big family. and i am damn proud to be part of it. that's right.

yer pal,

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Ever since I got back from the epic Europe trip of yore (ABOUT THAT: there's one next year to spain and portugal (which i wasn't that interested in seeing but will see anyway) and almost all my friends are going. Even nerd, if he can raise the money, that is. he keeps saying "work all summer and blow it on a week", no matter how many times I insist that that week is so amazing it would be worth it), I have had homework every day. and for most of may and all that's been of june so far, there's been a lot. I know I only really have two core classes this semester, but they have been challenging. and i'm not just saying that.
so it's nice, because yesterday and today i have had NO SOCIAL TO DO. :D yay! my partner and i's social presentation is done and over with, and now we just have to do the homemade fill-in-the-blanks worksheets for the other presentations. except the last one today was poorly organized and none of the blanks had ANYTHING to do with the powerpoint, though they knew what they were talking about. or the girl did, anyways.
but, yeah. we have review time in math (a rare and wonderful treasure- last set of notes yesterday! NO MORE MATH NOTES FOR 2 AND A HALF WHOLE MONTHS XD YAY!) tomorrow, as we did today, so i don't have to worry about that too much (though i should be). all i have is to type up the IB project which everybody says is hard but really isn't. at least, not for me. it's just all the stoopid diagrams. i hate having to make diagrams on the computer. especially of 6-stellar stars.
speaking of which, if anyone was randomly interested in my boring math project, there's LOTS of them posted online, apparently. so if you're like "i wonder what swegan's math project actually IS", just search up "math 20 IB project 2010/2011" or something (i haven't searched that, also if necessary IB stands for international baccalaureate, which i can spell now :D ) and then you can look at it (unless it's in german or something) and be like "Oh wow that sure doesn't look like fun i'm so glad i don't have to do THAT ick" or something. i found the process of it really fun, just not the content.

You know what's really relaxing? painting.
i came home from school yesterday feeling lost and detached and floaty, which can sometimes be nice but then it really wasn't. and i just felt like crying, and i hate that i cry a lot (after you cry you're just like "ahh, now i feel so much better and can get on with life", y'know?) so i sat down and finished one of the pages for my "watercolour-a-day" calendar from last christmas. the date on the page i finished was January 20, which shows my ability to stick with those things. Thank goodness i didn't get another desk calendar this year.

I want to make a photo collection and give it a title, but i lost my camera charging cord and thus now am reluctant to use my camera. which is annoying. I keep seeing pictures of things I want to photograph EVERYWHERE.
That's it. i will bring the camera with me tomorrow and take pictures. lots of pictures. i will put it on black and white "copy" mode and ask everyone to make an epic face at lunch. that would be a great picture.

anyway. i DO have one picture I want to put here, which will probably end up at the top so i will have to copy and paste all the text above the picture, because I am not tech-savvy and my computer is old relative to how fast technology ages these days.

I really like that picture. I enjoy how the dock is there but the water is just beyond- the different perspective, as my dad put it. And the best part is that I took that picture. that is the lake at the cabin, with the little island in the centre there.

Freckles and i just had a crazy dry-the-dishes-and-dance thing in the kitchen with ABBA again, as per usual, as we know most of the words to those songs. It was very fun, and reminds me of why i'm so glad i have a sister who will dance and sing with me, though i was doing most of the singing after awhile and i am not musically gifted- at least, not vocally. though my piano isn't that impressive either, unless i really work at it. I do have long fingers, though, which is nice. i can reach an octave and a note.

anyway, it's 10:30, I actually got something done on my IB project (a whole 'nother page. i should just do what tupperware is doing and do a page a day until it's done, 'cause that sounds like a good idea. THANK YOU TUPPERWARE. YOU ARE VERY SMART. lol that sounds funny without context), and I got three whole paintings done. or was it two? one of them said "Tip:Use the cast shadow from the peppers to ground them. Without these shadows the peppers would appear to float in space." So instead, i painted the peppers with blue stems, painted lots of yellow dots and filled the space around them with black, and called it space peppers, though it also sort of looks like peppers surrounded by fireflies at night. i think i'll call it that instead.
just wrote it down. I like how the peppers are bright beams of fluorescence in all that black. i love colour.
as evidenced by this picture. i turned the colours up on my camera at the cabin when i was helping dad with some red cord, and i just love how ultimately RED this cord looks:
SO RED. although it looks redder if the picture is smaller, but it's too late to fix that now.
hope you enjoy that little bet of dock and red cord, lol. I love taking pictures of everything that i find inspiring, and i find a hell of a lot of things inspiring, let me tell you.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


which i guess you kind of already did, as you're reading this blog post... so thanks :D anyways.

just think about this: if someone asked if you wanted to help paint a piano, what would you say?
i was practicing one day a few months ago, and then i noticed how the keys on a piano, especially a good piano, are really smooth. and then i wondered what it would be like if you had a paintbrush that was nice and soft and just dipped it in some paint and ran it down the length of the key.
(insert "me gusta" face here)
wouldn't that just be awesome?
so i asked my friend whose nickname i forget so i will have to remember that about it and she thought it would be awesome. she has another friend whom i have never met that would probably like to help, and then the silly one would as well. she looked up pianos on kijiji today and hooray, it's totally going to happen!
(any suggestions for what to do with a beautifully painted antique piano? we kind of have to figure that out, after the part where we acquire a piano.)

also i told my mom after school and she was like "why?" and i said simply, "because it'd be fun!" and she said "but you don't paint a piano..." and i asked "why not? it'd be fun!" and of course freckles piped up about how it'd be expensive, but actually, a good piano is only about $200. THANK YOU INTERNET!

so yeah. that'll be what i tell my kids about high school. "what was the most fun thing you did in high school, mom?" "oh, i painted a piano in (grade)th grade."

just one of those free-spirit-type things that you have to do, even though i am not an artist. it's just... painting a piano. it's the most random thing ever. i mean, does anyone know of a person who's painted a piano before?
anyway. i have been trying to study for social since 8. perhaps i should avoid this section of the internet, where fun abounds?
just wanted to let you all know about my plans :)

yer pal,