Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear rest of the world:

That's pretty much all I wanted to say. I hope it brightened your day, even just a little- the knowledge that someone wants to say hi to you today, even if it is just a kid in Canada in a small city with nothing to do and no driver's license.
I hope you have a great day, because if we all had a great day, can you imagine how much everyone would benefit?
So today, if you can't say anything nice, just don't say anything at all.
-swegan (:


when i was little once, dad came home and showed me a giant, 5-pound atlas he had bought. and it was mine. of course, at the time, i had no interest in an atlas nor any idea how to read graphs or charts or maps, for that matter. so one day i took it into the living room and i guess i forgot to bring it back to my room.
then we did renos, and the furniture was not in the living room for the longest time. and then it was back, and just recently i wondered about that atlas. so today i went to the basement and found it on the desk, beside mountainous heaps of books. it was under a few binders and an art project my sister didn't make but had to take home anyways because the teachers screwed up the naming of said projects, but i got it out. and then went upstairs and proceeded to turn through every page, and then flip back and forth between Europe and Canada. and wow, Canada is so... sparse. and on the map of all the countries in different colours, the big cities were shown with a square dot on the page. Canada had no square dots, and the US had five. !!! WOW. also i found out where we're going on the Europe trip over april. i don't get why everyone expects me to be super excited about that. i mean, yes, i am looking forward to seeing those places, especially italy. but i'm just not the travelling type. i don't want to travel outside Canada- that can be for other people. i'd rather stay home and flip through the atlas. because just now, i feel like i've travelled all over the world in less than an hour. and that's good enough for me, that giant atlas.
travelling to other countries means going outside of my comfort zone- i don't even like going to the states, because in big cities i just feel so unsafe now, and i don't even know why. not that i have anything against the states. i just like Canada better, because in my opinion, it IS better. and we have free health care, so therefore that sort of helps with the making it better. just sayin'.
i just remember when we went on the road trip this summer, down the oregon coast- when we were going through washington, it was SO different! there were houses everywhere, unlike Canada, where you pass through empty stretches of nothing between cities. in between cities in the US... well, it wasn't like in between them. it was like one big city and that was it.
also, i thought we had more prairie land. but no, apparently it's all forest. and tundra.
but maybe as the climate gets warmer, more people will move north? i dunno. that might just create more problems somehow. whatever.
the world is estimated to have a population of ten thousand million by 2015, guys. given, this atlas is from 2000, but that's not that old. just 11 years. ten thousand million is like 10000000000 people. which, with little indents between every three zeros, is 10'000'000'000. that's 10 billion. why didn't they just put ten billion?
so if everyone in the world had one dollar, there would be at least ten billion dollars in the world. in 2015.
and the weird thing was was that north america didn't even make up that much of those ten billion people. no, it was mostly asia. which just proves that chinese and japanese and korean and all those other asian languages will probably become more commonly spoken than english, just because there's soooooooooooooooooo many people in asia. i looked at a map of tokyo and it was just... wow. crazy!
i'm glad i speak english, though. 'cause it's hard to learn and most jobs today require you to speak english. but it is stupid to go to other countries and just assume that everyone will speak english- 'cause guess what? THEY DON'T. they speak other languages in other countries. english is not what 100% of the world speaks. just close to 100%.
which is kind of sad when you think about it.
ah, well.
i'm going to read now. i have this feeling of sad inside but i can't quite figure out why. i know reading won't help, but what else am i supposed to do?
yer pal,
swegan (:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Such a lucky girl.

that would be me.

i had a sleepover the other night, and apparently, my first-kiss experience was actually something people write books about or whatever. i mean, now that i think about it, i was lucky. it was a beautiful summer night, i was under a tree, it was sort of surprise but not quite since we had talked about it a bit before, five seconds after it happened i'd managed to convince myself it hadn't, so i complained a little until he kissed me again. and it was his first kiss, too. i'm sure he doesn't reminisce about it the way i do, but i'm a girl. and, to top it all off, i'm still on good terms with him now, almost a year later. in fact we're together again, even though my parents have no idea (though my mom won't be surprised) (and it's not like my dad knew anything the first time) and i'm still not allowed to go on dates. i hope that changes when i'm sixteen, or that i'm allowed to go on a group one with one of my friends and her boyfriend or something. that'd be fun, anyways, because it would be a group.

okay, i am officially in love with this song. it's by Chopin, and it's called "Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise In E-flat major, Op. 22". which is a long-ass title, i know. but it's about 12 minutes long and one of the most beautiful and magical classical piano pieces i've ever heard.