Friday, January 28, 2011


you taunt me with your forever bent and tangled cord, yet amazing sound.
i miss you. a lot. i'm sorry i lost you. if we ever go to vegas again and stay in the same place (which we will. trust me on this one, rest-of-the-world). you were awesome. :)
stay strong! ipod:
i love you too. just not as sentimentally.
...random websites:
you have the power to make my day. don't abuse it.
please, go die in a hole.
don't live in the past,
forgive and forget,
life is too short
to live with regrets.
first line of that regrets poem/saying:
hurry it up, please
i don't know!
you are illegal. no matter what they say. pain for the "greater good" that you can't see for like a year and a half is not okay with me. grrrr. >:\
you're back! oh eermfie, how i've missed you.


awww, who was i kidding?

i'm never going to put in the effort to use correct spelling and grammar on here anyways, and it's not like the microsoft autocorrect grammar and spelling error nazis are on the loose here. mrflgjslh! haha!
not like anyone will laugh at it, but it was worth putting.
i don't think my last idea was very good, but maybe that's life. a bunch of really stupid ideas. and if it does work, then whoopee. the place needed an update anyways.
um. what do i do now? they should have a book for this, like How to write a very successful blog for dummies people that have never done it before. i would buy that.

well. i like the leaves. they're pretty. like transparent objects that are vividly coloured. you can draw me in with anything translucent, plastic, useful, and vividly coloured. i love colour. did i mention that? bookstores, malls, shopping for school supplies- if it doesn't have colour, it's out. well, not quite, because then i would be wearing rainbow coloured mismatched outfits all the time. which i don't. i am very fashion conscious, thank you very much. sure, i wasn't aware of the term shrug until fifth grade, but whatever.

so. i'm going to write now- road trip drama about a big sister who is trying to look out for her little sister and protect her from the mistakes she made one time- mistakes she is still keeping secret. but her little sister is worried about what happened to her big sister that night, and her big sister won't tell her. (what happened was that she got drunk at a party without intending to and went a little bit far with a guy and now she's the only one that remembers the part about going to far). also they're headed down to some national park to meet up with their parent's book club. and in their book club, there are several kids that hang out in basements when the grownups meet up, and the guy who doesn't remember that night is in that club, and she's completely in love with him, sort of. it's weird. and then anyways, he's on the road trip, and he makes her nervous. i have no idea how they'll turn out, personally. or her little sister and the other good guy from the kids-of-the-parents-in-the-book-club-club. who is also on the road trip. it's going to be short, sweet, and awesome.

sadly not legen- wait for it- dary.
i have been watching too much How i met your mother. maybe a big-city getaway is just what i need this weekend. with my family, of course, since on my own it would probably be a homeless person getaway. since my dad owes me allowance from november '08. way to go, dad. way to teach the responsible way to handle money.
but seriously. he's a good dad.
i'm going to stop talking now. i'm tired and it's 12:16 am! whoa, when did that happen?
do i sound high? because i'm so not. i don't even want to do drugs today if that involves putting anything in my mouth. farking braces still hurt.

yer pal,
swegan :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

blog renovations

since i don't get any comments (uh, duh, what do i post that is of political/social/economical/readable value to the common western population?), i have determined that maybe my blog needs a better name than "blogspacethingie". as in, like, a theme. there's the blog of awesome things, the blog of sucky things, that one blog called the happyness project, wonder-tonic, all these things. blogs are cool. all the cool kids have blogs.
maybe i could call it that. all the cool kids have blogs: a view on the world that i know of today from the eyes of a teenager.
sure. what the heck. and i will let search engines find it. and maybe comment on issues?
i do like reading the editorials.
or maybe just comment on ways we could improve the world, ways to write, things we do wrong, things that make my day. stuff, and things. that's what my other, private-so-you-nosy-people-can't-read-it-blog is about. stuff. and things, too. and that julia child project blog. i've never actually visited it, but that got made into a movie. like, wow. you know your blog is cool when....
hmm. maybe i'll change it now. i only called it blogspacethingie because i had no better name.
all the cool kids have tumblr blogs, though, and i'm too nooby to sign up for one. i'm good for passwords i have to remember for right now.
well, this is the last post under the title of blogspacethingie. WOO! change is good. right?
yer pal,
swegan (i will still sign off this way though) (and include brackets. lots of brackets) (and ranting about canadian sports) :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


that was really insulting. Sorry, men of the world! You do tend to have nice shoulders and look good in sweaters and dress shoes. :) and you can be smart.
it's just that... i'm a little prejudiced.


They used to have courts of love! How awesome is that? That's totally what we need in today's society. Although things might get a little messy....
And they were all appointed with just women, too. HA! That should tell us something...
But in today's world, we'd have to put a man on, for all that equality crap. I say, if women still don't totally have equal rights or get paid the same as men, then we get out own court system. End of story. Until it's all equal...
well, no, because this would result in huge protests and men getting mad and not thinking things through. Which, to me, appears to happen a lot with them. especially at this age.
and they never grow up. my dad isn't mature... well, not all the time. my brother isn't all the time. all of my uncles, my grandpas, my great uncles, my male cousins- none of them will ever be as mature as a girl can be.
Maybe that's why we never got equal rights in the forties and such. The wimpy men were scared we might be smarter and better and awesomer than them, and they just couldn't handle that.
Well, guess what?
We are.
So deal with it.

Cynics miss all the fun

I mean, come on! Why does everyone LOATHE Valentine's Day so much? Also, I find it hard to believe that it was solely invented by companies greedy for money, because what kind of people would agree to that? No, there has to be more behind it. In fact, let's find out right now.
after a very interesting search...
huh. that was actually really interesting. Apparently there were lots of St. Valentines, and a couple of the famous ones were christian martyrs. And also, it apparently started in the high middle ages or something, when "courtly love flourished." I did not know that.
See, I TOLD you it wasn't just invented by greedy companies! Valentine's day has been around for a long time, and I think everyone focuses too much on the opinion that there's only one kind of love, and it's romantic.
There's more than one type of love. There's the love you have for your friends, for family, for things like chocolate, for good movies, for a city, for a country, love for a subject or a hobby. Maybe if Valentine's day was more centered around just love in general, people wouldn't hate it so much. and i think that if two people are in a relationship and one gets the other a valentine's gift and the other doesn't because they don't believe valentine's day is worth it, than that shouldn't be such an issue.
i get where single people are coming from, though, but i think seeing valentine's day as an attack on your relationship status is a little... over the top. i mean, celebrating love is different than rubbing in someone's face that they're single and you're not. honestly, i'm going to be single this valentines day (unless, by some miracle...) and i've decided to be cool with it. Besides, i'm a hopeless romantic and i believe love is out there for anyone who wants it. in any form. by which i mean getting a friend, a pet, or a partner. love is the central driving force of the world- what movies, songs, and books are based off of, or at least a lot of them. even in action movies without any "mushy" stuff, there's love. loyalty counts, for war movies, and trust, and love for a country or a job. love is everywhere, and when you get down to it, it's kind of like the driving force for every emotion.
and what's wrong with celebrating that?
call me a crazy person who sides with big business, but i don't like valentines day because of chocolates or flowers or hearts. i think valentines day should be like it was in elementary school, when you gave a little card to everyone just because it was valentines day, and that's what the school system thought kids should do. and everyone was happy, because you got a card, and some came with candy, or with a little message... (well, not really, and that sounded
cheesy. that kind of happened to me in fifth grade, but, uh, it was fifth grade. i was ten. i wasn't even four feet tall. man, i was lame) and valentines day was something to look forward to.
go ahead and hate it if you want, go ahead and celebrate by celebrating being single, but don't hate those of us who like valentine's day, even if we've been single for every valentines day of our life.
i believe valentines day is what elementary school valentines day is- celebrating friendship love and maybe romantic love. And i personally think it is a lot more fun to dream about these kinds of things- falling in love and getting to get a special something on one day of the year, just because we randomly decided to celebrate it as valentines day. or maybe it wasn't so random, but whatever. I'm just saying, I couldn't stand to be someone who thinks love is stupid and wimpy and that we see it everywhere and shouldn't have a day dedicated to it. I love love and I love how it's everywhere. to me, love is everything. even hate is derived from love.

But, what you think is up to you. :)
yer pal,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


SPOILER ALERT, although if you're canadian you've probably already seen this:

why'd you have to win 5-3? that was the most depressing game of my life :( but congrats anyways. i am a canadian, thus i am polite, and damn proud of it, too. as we watched we complained about the mullet boy from your team always getting in the way (he was farking good at it, too) and my dad told me all the canadian guys have to have short, trimmed hair and no facial hair and if they're not playing they're in a suit. doesn't that just make you happy, fellow canadians? to know that we're at least respectable and not skating around with mullets hanging out the back of our helmets?
but, yeah. worst game ever. if Canada played as hard as they did in the last 20 seconds (where they really could've used Jordan Eberle, to sink a couple of last-minute-six-seconds-to-go-type-shots) for the entire game, they would've creamed russia. i mean, come on. it's russia. they looked silly in their silly backwards baseball caps. do all hockey teams do that? or just russia? i don't know. also whoever kept throwing himself in front of the russian players to prevent them from scoring? THAT WAS THE AWESOMEST THING EVER. made my night. especially since now i have to study for my english final part A tomorrow. we have to write some kind of story and then an essay...? i'm exempt, but that doesn't mean i'm not going to bust my butt anyways, and write the best darn anything i can.
and i'm going to say it now: DARN IT FOR WINNING YOU HOSERS!!!!
hee hee.
yer pal,
swegan (: canadian hockey fan extroardinare. or maybe not. maybe just a fan.