Friday, July 30, 2010

it's only beautiful five AM. seriously. There was a bat in the house last night, and this morning i thought i could hear one in my room, so i freaked and couldn't get back to sleep. Once my sister and i established that sleeping wasn't going to happen anytime soon, we got up and looked out my window. ohhh, how beautiful it was. like christmas. the streetlights were still on and it was slightly dark over above the park (rhyme fail), but over behind the pine tree and our neighbour's house, the sun was just rising, and you could see faint rays. it was light enough to see the room, but still dark, and you could see the moon, and it was just slightly cool, and it was amazing, breathtaking, the kind of thing you don't see every day, because, let's face it, no one's up at 5:15 in the morning. no one my age, anyways. i would wake up at that time every day if i could just see that beauty in the world. it was so peaceful, and i wish it could be like that all day, although i suppose that might suck the special out of it.
so we got up and quietly went into the kitchen and made ourselves some packets of instant oatmeal, which, again, had no flavour, but was okay. we ate outside, and oh my, it was like heaven. that was my heaven, being out in the cool air as the sun rose. it's like the time between morning and night, the time that flickers away too fast for anyone to catch it.
alright, back to my conversation on msn, where i am adding dialogue tags and then some to everything i say. i've made a deal- i join runescape (uh... not so sure about that) if they do nano with me, or at least give it a good try. HA! so worth it. i would love to have nano buddies.
yer pal,
swegan :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music for the soul

Chopin Nocturnes. That guy really knew what was going on.
Hands down, thumbs up :)
And it's relaxing. I think my kids are going to end up listening to an awful lot of Chopin. Or something. For now, it's just me, correctly punctuating this blog. Ahh, life.
yer pal,
swegan :P this part always will remain unpunctuated

The thing about people...

Is that we might be the smartest out of all animals, but we're really pretty stupid. i'm watching 2012, and it's proof- if the world really did end (which it won't, stupid, i'm being hypothetical), we're only concerned about saving the important people, the rich people, the ones who can afford to get a seat on anything to save us. besides, if we have to repopulate the earth, why not do it with the ones who are the smartest and best?
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD? why not try and save as many people as possible instead, so that even if we won't repopulate with the best, we'll still repopulate. as i recall, the smartest are the ones that designed everything that lead us to global warming in the first place. sheesh. does it really matter who we save, as long as there's some of each gender and as many animals as we can get?

oh lookie, we're saved in this movie. woop di doo.
i bet it has a happy ending where we all go to repopulate the earth, and it ends with everyone walking into the sunset over grassy hills, and then it's the credits, and everyone goes home determined not to tell anyone else how it ends, in a twisted, sick plot to torture us, further proving again how stupid we are.
anyways. enough of my negativity.
i guess the world's not so bad- for example, the other day dad was flying the australian flag on the boat, and we passed a couple in a little fishing boat. the guy yelled "what flag is that?" and my dad yelled back "australia". and he said "oh. welcome to Canada!" and dad yelled "thanks!" which proves a) that people are essentially good, and 2) Canadians are actually really nice. i think that's a pretty good reputation :) don't you? the mounties, the hicks, the eskimos, the nice ones, the land of maple syrup, maple leaves, beavers, moose, mountains and prairies, french and english... gee, that's a whole lot to be proud of.
oh look, the movie where americans rule the world has a happy ending after all. how stereotypical.
not that i have anything against americans.
yer pal,
swegan :)

Inventions the world needs...

Mary poppins. and all her stuff. Seriously, she could have her own TV show, with the way she cleans up clutter. Snap! And everything is organized!
No, seriously, I love that movie. And Julie Andrews :)
Also, it'd be nice to have a bag like her. I could put all my junk in there and never have to worry about it, because... THE BAG IS ENDLESS!!!

The Ultimate Search Engine. Will not just search with keywords, but will search the ACTUAL PHRASE for things that are ACTUALLY RELATED TO WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR. 100% non-guaranteed to bring you useless crap websites you don't need. School would be so much easier if this existed.

Perpetual Motion Machine- harvest energy from nothing, the cleanest possible kind! It'd be running at the highest possible capacity 100% of the time and power the world for years to come. Unfortunately, there's only so much energy in the world, and we can't exacltly make more. Argh. Physics are so fun, yet so depressing.

Cheap Solar Panels That Work- since there's no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, why not this? You know, Solar Panel Companies, if you lowered your prices, more people would buy solar panels. I certainly would. But who's going to pay a zillion dollars for clean energy? People want it cheap.

Perfect Microwave Popcorn- never gets burnt, always tastes perfect like the way you want it. Microwaves shall no longer ruin the front of healthier movie snacks!

The Magic Button- boss driving you round the bend? Parents being intentionally unfair? Think you're too fat? The Magic Button solves it all. With Magic Button Patented technology, just push the button and everything you want will happen. Magic Button inc. assumes no responsibility for anyone who ruins your life with this product. Any resemblance to the Staples brand "That was easy!" Button is entirely coincidental

Sense powder- tired of people doing stupid things with their life? Just slip a little of this into their food, and right away, you'll help make the saying "Youth is wasted on the young" obsolete! Man, if people had this... how driven we all would be.

The Cheesiness Law- this would stop them from making those crappy shows, like "How to be indie" and so forth. although there would be some controversy as to what's cheesy and what's not. I say shows and books with dialogue that uses all the catch phrases too many times and gives you advice on how to live your life and are generally pointless, as in we could live without them more happily than we are now.
This one is vital to my sanity, I swear.

that's all i can think off. Call it what you will, I call it being what i think is cynical.

yer pal,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

one small step for the renos, one giant step towards regaining my sanity

You're probably sick of hearing me complain about these by now.
there's three guys here all the time. the one who's name i really don't know, who, i've noticed, always wanders around looking worried that someone's going to catch him for doing something bad, when in reality he's a nice guy. then there's a guy who i think might be named jake, but i'm not sure. he has a beard and i watched him take apart my sister's doorframe, and since he's here a lot i'm guessing he's one of the contractors. then there's armand, who's been here all year, and he's probably going to end up being the one i remember the best because he talked to amy and i a lot. they're all really nice guys, and they ask how we are and say good morning and don't look into our room in the morning when they come in and we're sleeping. and i can't shut my door anymore, since there's this giant fan in the doorway that i guess has no other home. we used it a couple of nights ago because it was so hot in here that we couldn't sleep, and dad had to move it out of the hallway so the construction guys could get in and out. the cardboard hallway is back! such defining moments of my life.
the guy who's name i don't know just came to my sister's room and said in a very small voice "jake? armand? anyone?" which sounded a bit lonely to me, so i very nicely told him that they were probably in the garage.
when will they end? there's all this clutter, and it so badly makes me want to call one of those clutter cleaning TV shows from TLC to come and help us clean up the clutter afterwards. afterwards being when i'm graduated and have kids, probably.
"is grandma and grandpa's house done being renovated yet?"
"I told you, sweetie, it's never going to be done."
well, i guess life could be worse. at least we have a kitchen now, preparing my cereal over the deep-freeze wasn't much fun. or drinking from plastic cups, eating from paper plates and plastic cutlery... not having a table to sit at for four months... trust me, it's torture.
okay, the nerd is totally missing the point now... i try to talk to him about things that are bothering me about... er... our relationship (there, i said the cheese. happy now?) and he just brushes them off like they're nothing.
i'm going to go become a ninja on club penguin now. and i managed to get the nerd to talk with me :) i should tell him that it makes me happy.
buh bye!
A note: all names used in this blog were for blogging purposes only, and aren't real. Keep that in mind when you decide to stalk me. creepers.
except for those of you that aren't.
y'know. :)


does clicking "next blog" give you blogs related to yours? because when i click next blog, i get a bunch of those cheesy lame family blogs that everyone has and religious crap (not that religion is crap, i just think it is, personally).
so my life is related to this?
oh, bad words...

Dear you

You are very special, and I hope one day you are real, because I will love you and care for you like nothing else. I don't care what gender, I don't care if you're smart or not, good at sports, or untalkative, you need to be accepted somewhere. plus, if you're mine, you're going to turn out well, end of story.
I guess what i'm saying is that you shouldn't feel bad for being you, and i really wanted to write a letter to you that i'll maybe show you when you're my age. i know how confusing life is. just hold on, wait it out, make friends, kiss people (but don't you dare go farther than that), try new hobbies, keep a journal, i don't know. you'll figure out who you are someday, and i hope i can help.
in other words, i hope tomorrow goes better.
would you like a hug?

mmm, forums :)

you know, i am jealous of those people whose blogs are cool and famous and this is just a big fat dump of my thoughts and feelings, it's not devoted to any subject except pointing out my views of the world.
they say i would make a good lawyer. but the problem is, i only like arguing MY side, and only when it's necessary to argue.
anyways. i guess i am a bit critical of some things here.
i visited the nano site again since i went back to one of my old stories, the scientist, today, and left in the middle of an important scene a few months ago as i've discovered, where one character was explaining to the MC an important point which i have forgotten. at first i was upset, but the story wasn't going anywhere before, and now it is, so HA. lemons, meet sugar. BAM! lemonade.
you know, i like the nano page and my writer's groups, as i have said before, because, unlike every other aspect of my life, it gives me somewhere to belong. to fit in, where i am accepted because of one thing in my life i love. everyone else says just join sports or school clubs, but what if the school clubs aren't what interests you and you can't play sports? then what?
that's the problem with society today, maybe if we had more places for kids my age to BELONG, we wouldn't be such problems. and not just for the kids who are good at the same stuff as everyone else, or have similar interests, or go to church. i'm talking about kids like me, the writing nerds. the ones who like music, where are the music lovers groups for kids? that would be a cool thing to have if you were a teen musician, i think. the kids that have strange little hobbies that they love to do, where can they talk about getting together and get to know other people like them? it's only sports and typical clubs. and the whole high school newspaper seems like a novel thing to me, and i hate journalism anyways. i hate finding the facts. i like making them up.
what about the rest of us?
maybe it's just because i live in this tiny little city with about 0 diversity. i went to vancouver, and there wasn't just white people. it was so cool, all the diversity! here, it's all just white white white. i'm not used to it. and the closest big city still seems pretty "white" to me. i've grown up in a white society.
how sad. i'll have to live somewhere more diverse when i grow up, so that my kids won't be shocked by diversity like me.
i'm such a dweeb.
i'm not going to worry about that seeming racist, because all i did was say that where i live there's just an awful lot of british white people, and that's fine and dandy, but it gets kind of boring after awhile.
i like my city, but i'm too used to it.
random fact of the day? we found this "young olympians of Canada" badge in my sister's room, most likely from whoever owned this house before us. so many little quirks, and my parents are tearing it all down to build a modern home.
THE OLD KITCHEN WAS FUNCTIONAL, MOTHER. WE LIVED IN IT FOR 10 YEARS, DIDN'T WE? although the cupboard for the cups and glasses smelled like garlic all the time.
it was a writer's house, and now it's hell.
when i grow up, i'm never putting my kids through this, unless the house is completely falling apart. i wouldn't buy that anyways.
so case in point, end of story.

Monday, July 26, 2010


i will explain why my house is hell now
there is no air conditioning, so we have to sleep with all the windows open and all the fans blowing all night, and it's still somehow just too hot for sleeping. then the construction guys came this morning and started taking down my sister's door and closet doors with their drills, and i know they didn't mean to, but it was annoying and we gave up on sleeping in. plus her room is right across the hall from mine. then we still don't have much food except for cereal and mustard and the almond butter in the fridge no one's eating, and then three milk jugs and no orange juice at all. which means lately i'm not eating much besides goldfish crackers during the day, because there's nothing else to eat. i was listening to my mom talk to the construction guys about how the kitchen cabinets "don't match" and i was arguing with her and getting some laughs, which made me feel good, because i was making my point and being witty. haha! anyways. my sister and i are out in the uh... let's call it the "shed" in the backyard now, because there's nobody out here but us and it's just..well.. cozy. it's not actually a shed, don't worry. i'm not typing this whilst being hidden admidst lawnmowers and pitchforks. anyways. we're going to stay out here now for the rest of the day and do stupid things. not stupid as in stupid, stupid as in totally pointless. it's cluttered in here too, but not as badly as my room. i can't stand clutter. it makes me go stir-crazy. i'm going to explode. mom and the construction guys promised my sister's room would be finished by the end of the summer so she can move back in, and considering mom promised the kitchen would be done by the end of this past october... well... i'm screwed :(
i guess i could have a little optimism and faith in the construction guys. i know they're going to get it done faster than the kitchen. i mean, there's no cabinets to put in my sister's room, so there's no chance of them "not matching".
well. i'm going to go do RANDOM COMPUTER STUFF now. like omegle.
maybe i'll tell them how my house is hell.
hee hee. repetition.
only i would remember these things from english class IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER!
also, i've managed to sunburn myself EVERYWHERE in my desperate attempt NOT to look like a pasty biscuit dough kid. all on my arms, my forehead (at the very top so i can't brush my hair), the backs of my legs (from tubing, argh, i can't do anything now), and the front of my legs. plus a little under my eyes, and my nose, apparently, though my nose is the only sunburned part that doesn't hurt.
wow, if i really look at how fast i type, it is pretty fast. i guess i just write a lot of stories (and blogs lol) on the computer and this is what happens. also, the right side of my spacebar is all worn down and not the left side, which REALLY BOTHERS ME since i can't seem to use my left thumb to press the spacebar without a noticeable pause.
alrighty. that was the most pointless paragraph in existence. it can win an award for that.
anyways. i'm gonna go now, really.
buh bye!
yer pal,
swegan :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

strange as it may sound, this summer just can't end fast enough

which is an amazingly selfish thought.
the only reason i want summer to end is because i miss all my friends really badly, and none of us are all going to be home at the same time until the end of august and registration and whatnot, which sucks, because that means i have a whole 'nother month to wait. although july's gone by pretty fast, mostly thanks to that three-week road trip. and waking up late. maybe summer will go by faster if i sleep right 'til lunch every morning.
oh, right. the explanation of why that's a selfish thought. i dunno, i guess i feel like i should explain it and i want to anyways. so i was writing in my journal today (almost done! wow) and i felt it signifigant (how do you spell that? spellcheck says i spelled it wrong..) to put down my biggest, hugest, most gigantic want for the day, which, sad to say, was a bit twilight-esque (i just saw eclipse, okay?) and kind of selfish, too. my want was that i could be alone with you-know-who, and whether or not we were watching a movie or doing whatever made no difference to me. i would be content just sitting there with him for a couple hours, really. how pathetic is that? i wouldn't care if we talked or didn't talk, where we were, what day it was- as long as we were completely alone. which sounds kind of stalkerish and creepy explained that way, but it's not. only problem is, from what i can infer he would HATE just sitting there with me, doing absolutely nothing for a couple of hours. i know this because when i finally decided i was done being alone with him on friday(you know which friday)(what a big, fat lie that was), he ran ahead to meet up with our other friends. and left me behind. i could have run up too, but my head was kind of whirling, and then i lay by myself on the grass. i suppose i could've layed by my other girl friend who was there, but um, i didn't really want to... nevermind. i'm being stupid again. anyways. i didn't do that. and he was busy laughing at his brother and with his brother and i was all alone, which makes him sound pretty mean, but i guess it's just that i wanted him to myself for a little bit longer, and he was done with being with just me, he had to be with other people now.
makes me wonder if he's really all that great for me, then i feel bad for thinking that, kind of, and then i just go back to my usual daydreams of getting my biggest, hugest, most gigantic want. which i will probably never get.
isn't that the point of a date, though? to be alone with someone so you can get to know them?
man, this has been the most boring, pointless, shizzload (fail, i know) of boring random stuff that i have ever put on here, but it's on my mind, and it's all i can think about, all the time. even when watching lost, and that's gotta mean something.
how old did i say people had to be before they fell in love again?
argh. *buries head in hands*
i'm just going to sleep now. sleeping is the best place for dreams, even the before and just after sleep.
i hope you're all having a wonderful summer. i am too, i'm just getting a little impatient.
sorry again for being as shallow as a kiddy pool. i guess that's just me. :\
oh yeah, and i found this awesome poem in this poetry book i got my dad for christmas, but the book's in the living room and i'd rather stay here, thanks. maybe tomorrow i'll post it. it's very good and i'm not quite sure why. it flows nicely?
yer pal,
swegan :)
p.s. the only reason i type so much in these is because i can type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. lots gets out that way, and sometimes, the result is pretty crappy :P

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A house ain't a home without a psycholab :D

my dog just came running into my sister's room, and she's been locked up all morning whilst the construction guys were here, as they are every morning. i love her so much! and we picked her up yesterday after her three weeks at the kennel, and she was so happy to be back in the truck again (i think she likes the truck because she knows as long as she's in there, we can't leave her behind) that she jumped in it all by herself. usually we have to help her.
currently, my sister is sitting in her now empty closet with the dog and talking about how cute her eyes are.
you know the good thing about dogs, that everyone says, is that they're perfect people. people won't accept you the way dogs do. people won't love you even if you're mean to them. people won't love you if you just give them a stick to fetch. that's why, strange as it may seem, my dog is like my role model, because she is always, always, ALWAYS happy and content with her lot, never complaining, even when my parents get mad at her for not being a perfect pet. she just keeps coming back for more love, and she knows that's her job, to be the unending bundle of happiness in the family when no one else will.
she doesn't have an awful lot to worry about, though. so it's nice of her to take the job.
she's a lab, too, did i mention that? the craziest one there is. she's 7 and acts like she's 2, still jumping all over people and scratching up my parents' scratch-proof hardwood, which they got because we have a dog. mom won't let us roll suitcases over it or anything. my parents and their precious floor. what's the point of having a floor if you can't use it?
i have to go now, my sister and i are attempting to plan and go see eclipse with some friends, then maybe go shopping or something. which requires me to change from my boring, drab, i'm-not-doing-anything-today-so-why-bother-dressing-up-in-any-way outfit, into an i-have-a-life-and-i-am-going-to-go-to-a-movie-now outfit.
how i love dashes- they make everything more fun :)
yer pal,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

good god, i was just gone 19 days, which is practically three weeks. not to mention that the last time i saw my friends was three weeks and two days ago.
not that i'm keeping track or anything.
and i haven't watched lost in ages! dear god, i forget it all. an island? you never told me there was an island!
total books read while away: 5.1 (we bought four (for me, that is, and many more for everyone else) at powell's books WHICH I LOVE OMG and i read one per day, and even my sister's book, the second installment of the "dork diaries" series. which is rather entertaining and short. the .1 counts as my reading a bit of the third book of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. for some reason it's not keeping me entertained. books read: a mango-shaped space, huge, happyface, and the summer i turned pretty)
total nights spent kinda miserable: 2, maybe 1.5. all i remember is the one night at our parents' friends' house in victoria, where they had a guesthouse and it was SO HOT. the first night, i didn't know my bed had covers so i slept under my blanket from when i was a baby, which only covered my legs, and my pillow wasn't really flat. i got all sad and homesick and lonely, so i did end up crying a bit, and the pathetic part was i pretended HE was there with me (*is embarrassed and lame*) and then i actually fell asleep. the next night at the same place was just TOO HOT and there was 0 a/c. ugh. but it was fun there.
total journal entries: lots, mostly about friday at the beginning, then fading to more teenage rambling.
total dust devils seen: 2. it was SOO COOL!!!!!!
total states passed through in one day: 3. oregon, washington, idaho.
total ferry rides taken: 2
total killer whales seen not at aquarium: not that there were any killer whales AT the aquarium, but about 5, maybe 6. they were on the ferry. the captain made the announcement and EVERYONE WENT CRAZY, running to the windows and the left side of the ferry to get a good look
total times i had to go in a cheesy store: twice, bp at nordstroms (which wasn't too bad, just that they were plugging eclipse like CRAAAZY and they had a creepy cardboard cutout of edward there, and he stared creepily at me as i looked at cardigans.) and at justice, which made me want to gag. it's their fault i had that stupid justin bieber song stuck in my head. they played it at least three times while we were in there. ugh.
total weddings attended: one. it was awesome, except it was cold.
total shells collected: two little plastic containers. well, one's tiny, the other's big. lots of shells. and the ocean was so pretty.
total hotels stayed at: um... well... 1...2...3...4...5...6...yeah, at least 6. we doubled back on the embassy, and stayed in 2 in canada, and 4 or so in the states. where we did NOT have an expensive healthcare emergency that was totally my fault. yay! less guilt!
total days away: 19, was supposed to be 20 but we came back a day early, yay!
total secrets revealed: one, about friday, to mom, except she doesn't know when or who, exactly, and she was giving me talks about the PILL, which was very unecessary. if she talked about that, i don't want to hear my dad's half. as far as he knows, i've never done anything to a boy. not even a hug.
how little he knows.
anyways, that's all for my totals.
and i want to mention this just 'cause: we passed this MASSIVELY GIGANTIC tree farm, and there had to be at LEAST a trillion trees in it, or maybe that times itself. it was INSANE how many trees there were!! and first there were maybe a million tall trees, all lined up perfectly, then a million little trees, then a million medium trees, then tall, then a mix, then medium-tall, then tall... ohhh, it was beautiful.
also, i got a very good idea for a new story... or at least i think it's a good idea. it happened because i read an AWESOME writer's book for young writers (that i didn't mention above) and it helped me learn how to make good characters. so now i've got a few, i know what they look like, and i know what their desire is. if you know what they want, you've got a plot. so mine's about a girl who goes to a high school where EVERYONE is dating, literally, except one of her friends, and that's because there's no guys left. so her want is to prove she can survive her grade 9/10 (haven't decided yet) single. which is pretty lame, but if you start lame, you can grow big. but then of course, to challenge her want AND THUS CREATE PLOT ("and then she created plot, and plot created..." do i sound like the bible? lol) a new guy will show up at her school (this is after some other girl moves so her other friend that's single is no longer single and thus she is the sole single person in her school) and even though she will say that now she is not alone in being single, he will like her. a LOT. and then i have plans for this story, and if i ever get a good day to sit and write and not be bothered, i will unleash them.
even though camp lame-o remains at a standstill. poor campers. i pity them. i will make sure they all die soon, don't worry. remember what i've said, it's the only way for them to live.
so, as a wrap-up, I AM SORRY FOR BLOGGING FOR SO LONG AND ONLY ABOUT ME. but at the moment, that's all i can think of to blog about.
K WAIT ONE MORE THING I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE GOLD BUSKER GUY!!! he was so cool. we saw him outside of a shoestore and dad gave me three bucks and told me to put it in his box. he was all gold, and standing on the box posing like a statue. was he ever good. i put the money in his box and then he made robot noises and did a lot of robot moves to come down off his box and shake my hand. except then he froze there and didn't let go. some guy walked by and said you had to put more money in, and then mom came over to get me, and then he moved again, and looked at his wrist, and then pretended to oil it, then got back up on his box, and resumed a pose. it was so cool!!! and the entire time i was giggling and blushing. that is an experience to have. and a good one. glad that's under my belt now. haha!
okay, now i am really done. sorry for making this blog so long and annoying. if you read it all, you can count it as a book, k?
p.s. i wanted to say signed, sincerely, swegan, but that seemed like a cheesy fifth-grade book title. :)