Sunday, February 28, 2010

whew. long day over here.

ok, so, apparently Canada won the most gold medals ever. which means we won the most gold medals out of every country. and we've never won a gold on home soil before. woo! what a great 17 days. and if anyone was watching CTV, there was that one guy who said "well, the openeing ceremonies are about to start in a few minutes here" instead of "well, the closing ceremonies are about to start in a few minutes here". haha, woopsie daisies. but i enjoyed the closing ceremonies- but wow, the Russian national anthem is LOOOOOOONG. like Canada's is what, 1 minute? and theirs was like 10. woooo. also, whats-her-name morisette took waaaay too long to sing and did anyone else notice that creepy guy sitting at the back of the stage when avril lavigne was singing? that was random. i liked the mime thing, and what the announcer guy said- "and a mime emerges". ha. what a quote.
so i am going to go now and add a poll that asks what your favourite olympic sport is. wow, spellcheck just said i spelled favourite wrong. colour. and colour's wrong too. WHAT KIND OF A WORLD IS THIS? WHY DOES EVERYTHING REVOLVE AROUND AMERICA???
-swegan :)


YAAAAY!!!! :) :) :) :) :D
-swegan :) BEST GAME EVER!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


yay, it's blues clues. and it's the front of the VHS cover that's "blue's discoveries". and there is a super-sweet planets song in there. i think i'm going to find it on youtube.
and...IT'S TUTTER!! i used to love that show. it's one of the good classic children's shows. there are few remaining. they're all on VHS now. or DVD.
um, couldn't find the planets song aside from some bad-word edits, so here is another link: omg!! don't you love it???
yer pal,
swegan :)


well, i give up on trying to make it look better. but there it is, my result of farting around on the computer and paint and onenote to get that from the CTV olmpics website. heh heh.
we are so owning! MOST GOLD MEDALS OUT OF ANY COUNTRY, ha! the only reason the US is in first place is because they have like a zillion bronze medals and then some silver medals and then only 8 gold medals. and then germany has 10.
only one day left in the olympics.
also: first blog picture ever! woo!
and there will probably be more gold to come! isn't that right, teddy sweaters?
well that wasn't so bad. he's getting better, isn't he? :)
yer pal,
swegan :)

haikublog 3

ah, life, isn't it
so refreshing and so fun
even when doing

homework on your break
weekends should be saved for fun
but sadly, they're not

i should really get
back to my homework so that
i can have some fun

but i sincerely
hope that you are having an
awesome saturday

your overblogger,
swegan, who is running out
of things to say in


Friday, February 26, 2010

another haikublog

i sincerely hope
that you can see this colour
since i can't see it

my social homework
is so boring and pointless
that i think i'll die

who cares about the
metis settlements act, or
something else like that?

that stupid flipbook
i'm going to fail it
like i always think

and then i never
do fail the assignment, which
shows that i am smart

although, didn't this
second haiku blog prove that?
i wonder, truly.

now i must go eat
breakfast, so that i don't starve
and then i will do...

something. something. some
thing.something. something. something.
something. something fun.

bye for now, bloggers
yer good old pal swegan, who
wishes you fun

Thursday, February 25, 2010


i'm blogging again!
this time, all in l'il haikus
bandaid on my wrist

my older neighbour
is having some friends over
and i can hear them

wow, that last haiku
was really quite a good one
and this one is too

no more vague nonsense!
my haikus at last make sense
my mind has been cured

well, actually not
considering i'm crazy
"ghosts poop out ice cream"

you can thank my dad
for that last bit of haiku
wasn't it lovely?

alas, i must go
now, for i have things to do
such as playing games

and maybe painting
pretty pictures on that site

so i will see you
tomorrow or something like
that, the near future

now my haikus are
messed up once again, oh no
twas going to come

eventually, and
we knew that, so why is it
such a big surprise?

i only ask that
you leave your little comments
in haiku form, please

it will make the world
a more interesting place
and make me happy

we thank you for your
continued patronage, me
and teddy sweaters.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


topic: religion.
GOOD GRIEF, if you hit next blog enough, you will come across soooo many religious blogs or blogs by moms where they post pictures of their kids. um, exploitation? so not every posting pics of my kids (whenever i have kids/grow up/get married) because then RANDOM INTERNET CREEPERS (they're out there!) will be like 'ooh, small children' and make them their next target.
but anyways. religion. hate it. there's so many stupid rules with every religion, and i heard of this one story where this couple lost their daughter, like she was missing or kidnapped. and then there was this other guy who had lost his daughter, but when they found her she was murdered and stuff so he was helping them through. and then in one interview they said "oh, we've been praying so hard, we know god will bring her back to us" and the guy was like that's BS, it's like saying i didn't pray hard enough for my daughter to come back. do you think i wasn't hoping and wishing she'd come back? like honestly, if god invented everything, who invented him? hmmm? was the "universe" just blank nothingness and then, poof! god appeared! i think not. everything comes from somewhere. although i can't say i know where the infinitely dense dot of universe that exploded in the big bang came from either.
so anyways, i'm very glad i'm not religious, although i supposed there's some parts of it that aren't that bad- like the community feel and the believing in something bigger than you. something up there, watching over you. i believe in heaven, but i don't believe that only perfect people go there. i believe people would go there if their intentions were good. or if they did their best to be their best, and weren't just being good to go to heaven. if they were being good to make others happy and make the world a better place, then sure as heck, yeah. and hell... i guess. maybe we all just go somewhere, because there's good in everyone, right? so shouldn't that be what counts?
i guess i won't find out until i die. maybe i won't be afraid to die when i get old and have lived my life. but right now i'm petrified- petrified that one of the IDIOTS (also, morons) will speed through the school zone and hit me. and i'll be dead.
well, i need to do more homework now- i did do some! but not enough for me!
swegan :)


i am so proud! Canada is totally dominating the Olympics, and women especially. most of our medals go to the credit of Canadian women. Also, we have silver in women's short track speed skating. i can't believe it! GO CANADA GO! the men's hockey team just beat russia (obviously) and we're heading off to two more games. hopefully we don't have to face the US again- that last game was the WORST GAME EVER. officially.
has anyone else noticed that one (old and fat) guy with the white helmet with the flashing red light on top and the Canadian flag cape and the sign that says "HOCKEY IS CANADA'S GAME!" and waves it around and turns his light on whenever Canada scores? he's at like every game. and i mean EVERY GAME. he's always, always there! helmet guy, that's what we'll call him.
anyways, i'm going to do my homework now. i've gotten some of it done! i AM making progress, so shut up!
-swegan :D

AM GOING TO TRY TO SUMMARIZE MYSELF IN AS FEW WORDS AS POSSIBLE, which means watch out because this will be looooong

ooh, orange.
let's start at the very beginning
a very good place to start
when you read you begin with a b c
when you sing you begin with do re mi...
do re mi fa so la ti do....
the last part represents where it gets all complicated. also, for all you who have been uneducated on culture, that is from "the sound of music", a very good old movie.
anyways, the point.
um. i'm a girl, obviously, because my blog is pink and i don't think a lot of guys would choose that when there's all those other options. i am severely influenced by things- and what i mean by that is that i kind of plagarize after i read something. i read a story told entirely in IM? I tried to write one. it was pretty long, too, and written in a notebook which is always a bad idea for IM stories. always do them on the computer. they're so tedious, anywhoo. and so right now after reading a friend's deep blogs, i am trying to do the same thing but it's not really working. :D oh well. my talents do not include making things original. they do include:
-being able to sing the alphabet backwards without pausing
-accidentally rhyming sometimes (mostly in blogs, ha)
-memorizing useless things, like snippets of movies/books and comedian thingies my family listens to on the sirius/XM satellite radio.
another thing about me: I AM NOT RICH. all these annoying (and stupid) kids last year said that i was rich. and i was like uh, no, i'm not rich. you just have like 10 people living in your house. wow, that makes me sound ignorant. i tend to do that. i'm so mean sometimes! and i think maybe i let that rub off on me too much- like i think i'm a mean person when really i'm probably not but i'm not going to be the judge of that.
and, incase the last blog wasn't a big warning sign, i'm a writer, which probably explains why i like to blog. it's writing, right? and i have like six journals, one of which is a two-hundred-and-something page word document. heh heh. it also explains why i love making up words and LISTS. on my other blog, the private one (that you can't see cuz it's not blogspot, ha) i have like a zillion lists. and i have a zillion favourite books-although doesn't it drive you crazy when in books the grammar/spelling/sentence structure is wrong? or when on a test, teachers ask you a question and they don't put a question mark, and then the next one they say "draw a (something)" and they put a question mark after it? ARGH! that bugs me SOOOO much. like you're a teacher, for crying out loud. but hey, my health teacher can't spell "escalate" (it was escillate, hee) so i guess society just can't spell anymore. why? i give up on that. i'm a really good speller, according to me and my observations. there was a kid who sat next to me in CTS, and he could not spell the level he should be able to spell at this grade. i was appalled by his lack of spelling knowledge.
so i have more stories than i've had birthdays, seriously, although it's probably not hard to beat. i write a LOT. and i have a word document of "VISs", or very important stories, which aren't really stories yet but story ideas. one was imagination and fun with cardboard, another one little wish, and another powers. there's a summer camp one but i think i'm going to write that one in, uh, the summer? although my family will be grouchy with me for being a hermit inside all day and make me go outside and get stung by a wasp. they frighten me, honestly. last year my sister got bit randomly 3 times. she didn't even do anything- she was just there and the wasp bit her. once when we were just walking into wendy's, another time on the tube, and another time when we were just sitting around, i think. and we were going pretty fast on the tube- how does that even work?
anyways, i have a lot of weird beliefs, one of which i got off a dove chocolate wrapper. they had little inspirational sayings on the back. and this one- "boys are not worth your tears"- has become my personal mission thingie in life (along with getting published/married). i have held true to it so far, i'm happy to say. it's a good belief though, don't you think?
another one is that we don't need to grow up so fast, whispering does NOT kill brain cells (unlike some girl in math today said), you have to dress like you want to be respected, don't get everyone else grouchy just because you're having a bad day, religion is overrated (not trying to anger anyone-that's just my opinion. doesn't mean it's true), god doesn't exist, don't have a crush on two people at the same time, chocolate does not give you acne (i found a book that says this! it's called "Why do men have nipples?" and it's a bunch of random medical questions), brussel sprouts make you fart so we shouldn't eat them because they're also disgusting, collages are stupid, school is fun, and that (as i am copying from my friends blog today) we have to make the little things in life special. like when i get a glance from the person i like, or when i make a good shot in gym, or when i get a good mark on a quiz, or when i have math or when i get to go to school or someone gives me a compliment or it rains (I LOVE RAIN!) or something like that- you have to let that turn your whole day right side up. don't let the bad things get you down- which would you like to obsess over and remember? i forget all the bad things in my life (namely, foods class) and put together all the good stuff. i'm living a very happy life and i'm not even getting half of what i want. although if you're easy to please, that helps. because i guess getting what you want does make you happy, but making your own happiness also works.
i haven't had a bad day since... since.... i can't even remember. see? it works! just look at the upside and your whole life is happy! although if someone close to you dies or something, then by all means be sad for a bit. i'm not saying you have to make EVERYTHING special. just everything, that's all.
today was special. as was yesterday. and monday. and the weekend. and the week before that. and the week before. and the week before. and the week before. and exam week! and the week before, and the month before, and the month before... ever since i've gotten to this new school and left everybody (except a few people) behind, i've got to start a whole new life, almost. it's like my past isn't me anymore, and i'm this brand new person who's sparkly and happy and just mmmm. LIFE!!
whew, that's about it. also, i'm a movie talker and one of those people who constantly updates their messenger message and blog and whatnot- sorry! it's like the people who mess up the salad bar, except i've never been to a salad bar.
ah, metaphors.
nanowrimo countdown: i think 258 days.
zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba i did that without pausing. really. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

stupid screwy, distracting blog

(autosave) i've decided to type that every time it autosaves. just for fun. so my blogs can be peppered with little "autosaves". and, upon request, i will let mr. sweaters say hi again.
procrastinators do not (autosave) smart kids make.
most of the time.
anyways, i am really supposed to be doing social homework but i am being lazy and not. i wanted to add another entry to my wicked new blog that is not a windows live spaces blog. my blog there will probably now grow neglected and forlorn, which saddens me, since i was keeping up with that one almost daily.
uh... i hate this. i can never think of anything to put when i sit down and blog, but before that i'm like "oh, i should blog (vaguely) about this, and (autosave) this, and this, and this!" and then i sit down and it's like the ideas get stage fright and just run and hide.
So lately i've noticed a lot of the guys in my class DON'T TALK. about... uh, lemme count... (autosave) okay i can only count 3 because my brain's off. but.... maybe it's because one of them HAPPENS to be the guy i like. at least he's not the total mute. that would really suck.
NO, COMPUTER, I WOULD NOT LIKE TO UPDATE NOW. STOP ASKING. I NEVER WILL. i have social homework to do... heh heh.
so last night i had this really scary dream where i was in space with my sister in a cardboard box (which probably has to do with my story, "Imagination, and Fun with Cardboard" where these kids are in space in a cardboard spaceship) and i had this tube of purple jelly/icing stuff. and i squirted it, and then it kept drifting farther and farther away. and it was like 300 million miles away and we could STILL see it. it was so creepy! i was all scared when i woke up. also, i dropped a nickel off the side and for some reason it fell, which i realized after my dream didn't work since there's no gravity in space, but anyways, it creeped me out because it just kept falling and falling and falling and falling and i realized it would never stop and for some reason that scared me too. it was a very strange dream. thankfully, i was not self-centered and did not share it at school today. (autosave) but just the..... vast empty space in the space in my dream was scary. there was NOTHING THERE!!! it's just creepy to think. also, it looked like there was a nebula that was sort of shaped like a nebula and the jelly/icing stuff went by there. it made me feel like i was lost, because i could look around me, and immediately around me was just black nothing. all the stars were far away. and then this morning i (autosave) kept being scared of the air behind me because i was still paranoid.
that's all for now, i guess. i think i'll just go do my social and then write one of my 5 (!!!) stories that i'm working on. i can't even stay excited about an idea long enough to write a whole story! fail.
only 2 weeks until the next writers' club meeting. i can hardly wait. i finally belong to a club, a group, something. until now i've just sort of been a blob. i was canadian and that was it.
-Imagination, and Fun with Cardboard. words: 3 937
-one little wish. words: 8 727
-Powers. words: 4 544
-Reunited. words: 4 460
-Space Pirates. words: 2 871
-The Scientist (personal fave, cuz it's romantic). words: 25 376. halfway to 50K!
bye for now!
swegan :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

That last blog was lame. Sorry.

HI it's me again, obviously. unless someone hacked my account. which they didn't.
i'm sitting here listening to my ipod (current song- save the last dance for me by michael buble, and now it's remember by bryan adams. WIN! i love this song!) and i did my homework and all these TOTALLY AWESOME THINGS that i should totally mention on my new blog popped into my head and now they've sort of evaporated. like band-aids. have you ever noticed that if you have a band-aid on your finger/hand, there's always this one special part that you pick at all the time? or fiddle with? because it's not being sticky and you want to just get rid of it? that happens to me ALL THE TIME. and the thing with movies where you watch them when you're like 5 and you're too caught up in the characters to pay any attention to the story, and then you watch it when you're like 12 and you GET it all of a sudden. good examples- me and harry potter. i used to be scared of the first movie. at that one part where there's those weeds. but i was like 6. uh, of course it'd be scary.
imagine, watching LOTR at 6. i shudder to think.
now i'm sitting here with my bear, teddy sweaters (that's mr. sweaters to you) and i've decided to be lame and let him have a few words. here goes.
"hbi8 bjmntgy nwsm, r kjmd t4dxedxhy sxswredstgrefrds. wkil.l hylou bner juh]u fvrfkidmn fc?"
stubby fluff-paws do not a good typer make.
OWWWWW my ankle hurts. it's growing too fast. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE NOW???
-kraft dinner
-gas stoves
-gas fireplaces
-remote car starters
-star trek
URGH i'm going to SHUT IT DOWN now ("they can take my dignity, but they can't take our straws!" "Mr. Donaghy, I thought you'd like to know there's a spider on the printer" "Well he's a pediatrician, so you know he likes kids. or, kids." "sorry i smell like frosting, i just love to bake." "MY DOG IS MISSING"-"Oh my god, let me get my coat"-"muahahaha" "well, buster's probably dead. How about getting a steak dinner or something?" "I feel sorry for all the inner city kids. especially those too fat to dance their way out." "..and you'd have to come to my office like a schoolboy, your hands sticky from candy..." "Mr.Donaghy will see you after he's finished firing Mr.Lee from microwaves... oh, yes, Mr.Lee, Mr.Donaghy will see you know"LOL 30 ROCK!!!! BEST SHOW EVER!)
okay, i really have to go now. but i hope you enjoyed my quotes.
-swegan :)


um, not sure what to write cuz this probably won't end up being seen anyways. unless i like give it out to everyone i know.
not really
anyways. school=yay. EVERYONE SAYS I'M AWESOME (well my friends anyways) SO YAY I DID NOT THINK I WAS AWESOME whoa the blog just autosaved! nifty! and.... there it goes....come on...hurry up.... nevermind. it's not going to do it again. i kind of wanted to do that thingie where- hey! cheater!
sorry about that. heh heh.
*looks around without moving head*
i'm going to go now. and read twilight. or my really sick book that has people doing it like every other page. (BARF) (autosave) okay maybe not the really sick one.
maybe i'll just sleep. that's probably a good idea.
or do my homework i've been neglecting for the past how many hours?